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Imagine Customized Kitchen Desk Landings

Every home has a junk top area where everything lands after entering the back door. Usually, this space is somewhere in the kitchen, and the counter tops become useless. Imagine that space converted into something useful, like a kitchen desk that houses everything for communications, and cooking. Let’s take a peak at some ideas for a well-managed kitchen.

Under the desktop, there is a surprise wall socket mounted to the back end of a drawer. Here you plug in all of the recharger units for things like Tablets, Cellphone and other handheld devices. These items stay out of sight and safe from harm until you need them again. Talk about convenience… this is like a dream come true. The best part of all is that you can always find your mobile devices because they are kept right in the area you pass as leaving home.

Another drawer offers a filing cabinet for monthly bills, along with appliance receipts and other relevant documents. A printer is conveniently housed inside another pullout to make printing business letters, or sympathy cards, quick and easy. Never miss another birthday or other celebration or appointment with the handy calendar drawer. Just pull it out, find a date, add a new one if needed, and slide it back into hiding until it is time to check your schedule.


Recipes have their unique place in a row of pigeon holes where one of them is designed just to keep index card recipes at easy reach. A helpful book shelf accommodates cooking books and other related instructions for cooking up fabulous meals. With your laptop handy and recipes to exchange, you can easily scan one of your favorites into a PDF file and send it off to a friend across the country.Let us not forget the pets in the family. There is plenty of room under the desk to keep food and water bowls for the Furkids and another specially designed drawer that stores dry pet foods. Canned pet food resides in a space made to store canned goods for easy retrieval.140407_kitchendeskcenter The kitchen seems to clutter up faster than any other room in the house, but with a little time and planning it turns into a magical hiding spot for all the important things for running an efficient home. Maybe it is time to consider kitchen remodeling that sames time and money and organizes your time.


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