Improve Your Design without a Faux Pas

There’s so many beautiful home accessories and furniture options to choose from today that you may find yourself trying to include too many things in your home design. When it comes to decorating a room, you really can overdo it if you don’t exercise some restraint. There are a few tips you can follow in order to avoid some of the design faux pas that can take your decor from beautiful to overly bountiful.

One of the most important tips to keep in mind when buying furniture is that the size of the furniture and the number of pieces you add to the room should coincide with the size of the room. You can use some large furniture in a small room. At times, one large item can be a better choice than several small items. Lots of small pieces of furniture can make the room look cluttered. Keep a minimalistic mindset when furnishing any room. It is not necessary that you fill all of the available floor space with furniture.

Decorate with Purpose

By following this rule, you will only include things in your room design that serve a purpose. They might even serve a dual purpose. It’s easy to include too much accent furniture in a room. Restrain your choices to a few chairs. The tables you select could feature a multi-purpose design that offers extra storage space.

Decorative accessories are another area where it is easy to overdo the amount you include in a room. You don’t want your living room or bedroom to look like a home accessory’s store. Carefully select a few impressive items and refrain from adding more as time goes by.

If you want to display some type of collection, group the items together in one area rather than distributing them throughout the house. A few accent pillows are lovely, while too many can become a distraction. The same is true with lamps. Every room needs a variety of lighting, but you don’t want to get carried away with the number of lamps you include in your decor.

If the walls in a room look busy, there is little chance of achieving any type of serenity in the room. It’s also likely that some of your favorite pieces of wall art will go unnoticed simply because they got lost in the visual chaos. A single piece of art or a large decorative mirror may be quite sufficient for a wall in the living room, bedroom or foyer.

Decide on what type of mood you wish to create in a room and create your design accordingly. Take time to carefully select the furniture and accessories for your design. Keep in mind the saying that less is more definitely applies to designing a room. Too many things in a room make it look chaotic, cluttered and unattractive. Items that are singularly beautiful can become less attractive when they are part of an overcrowded decor.

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