The Incoming and Outgoing Home Design Trends of 2017

Home trends change just like runway fashions do. Just like knowing how to dress your body, you should know what trend to focus on to emphasize your home’s best features. You should pay particular attention to trends if you plan to buy, sell or renovate your home this year. If those big moves aren’t in your budget, but you still want to keep your home’s design current try implementing (or subtracting) these incoming and outgoing home design trends of 2017 in smaller increments.

The Ins and Outs of Home Design Trends of 2017

Mixing of Antique and Modern Pieces

A fun new interior look for 2017 is the mixing of antique and more modern pieces. This is an easy trend to implement and very practical for most families. Instead of feeling like you need to stick to one aesthetic, this allows you to incorporate family antiques along with contemporary pieces and materials. This trend is really about pairing pieces and using different items of furniture to accent each other. Pick a few items to highlight and let these great pieces do the heavy lifting for you. This is a great, personalized style that works well in any fashion of house.

Jewel Tones are Rising

Jewel tones are rising in popularity. These beautiful rich colors were seen on the runway, and now we’re seeing them in home design as well. These deep tones can add depth and sophistication to your residence. This trend is also easy to add in small does. Throw pillows, rugs, curtains, or a single piece of jewel-toned furniture will all make a big impact. Trying bringing this style into your bedroom or bathroom for a rich, luxurious feel.

No-No to Brushed Metal Appliances

A big no-no for 2017 is the continued use of brushed metal appliances and fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms. These have been popular for years now, but after all this time they are starting to look dated. The industrial look is moving on out, and instead richer toned metals like gold and bronze are being used for fixtures in renovations and new constructions. Satin brass is especially striking as hardware for drawers and fixtures. The popularity of matte appliances is also rising. These make a stunning addition to any kitchen interior, and really feature the design of the appliance, rather than highlighting merely the finish.

Marble is Always Great

Marble is going to be everywhere in 2017. Kitchens, bathrooms and even wallpaper and rugs are appearing with marbled patterns. Of course, marble is always great as a countertop for any area of your house, but now we see it mixed with other materials like wood and tile as well. Marble is a terrific choice if you are doing a major kitchen or bathroom renovation. The initial cost is well worth the reliability and beauty it adds to your rooms.

Subway Tiles are Still Popular

Subway tiles in both the kitchen and bathroom are still maintaining popularity. These are a timeless addition to a backsplash or shower, and experts say that you can find something to fit your home’s style at various price points. This is another great choice if you’re planning on selling anytime soon, as these subway tiles are classic and are less likely to look dated than some other, trendier choices.

Bye-Bye to Oversized Furniture

Oversized furniture is another style that we’re seeing disappear. People just aren’t finding it all that practical to live with, and are becoming more concerned with maximizing their available space. Choosing pieces that are more in proportion to your home’s structure can enhance the sense of balance and harmony in the home, instead of allowing a few oversized pieces to dominate and overwhelm the space.

Green is the Color of the Year

Pantone has named green the color of the year, and so we’re seeing all shades of green in furnishings. Rugs are a popular and easy way to add this color to your room’s palate. A strong color like green can seem intimidating, but when added to a room the eye often reads green as more neutral and natural than you may originally expect. A green sofa can feel quite modern and neutral, but if that’s too much commitment for you green throw pillows and blankets can make a nice addition. Even adding in some large houseplants can bring some organic green tones into your house.

Smart Furniture and Smart Home Gadgets are a Must

Finally, smart furniture and smart house features are becoming more prevalent. Smart furniture is especially interesting with an emphasis on hidden charging and docking stations within the pieces. Smart appliances that communicate with your smart phone are growing more affordable, as are smart thermostats and security systems. These are great features to add if you’re doing major renovations and a great feature to look for if you’re building or buying a new house.

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We hope this has helped you stay on top of the newest fashions for your house in 2017. Whether you decide to add jewel tones, green, choosing smart pieces or adding marble to everywhere in your residence remember that the most important thing is to express yourself and your family’s personal style. Thanks for reading The Incoming and Outgoing Home Design Trends of 2017. Check out the Photo Gallery section for latest trends. Happy decorating!

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