Introduction to Wood Trac Closets

Introduction to Wood Trac Closets-logo_1
Most builders take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to designing a closet. Unfortunately, the homeowner ends up with limiting configurations that don’t quite meet their needs. Woodtrac creates custom closet solutions for homeowners. We aim to help people get closets to their fullest potential.

A lackluster closet

Have you ever seen a closet that’s full of potential? A closet organizer offers a number of configuration possibilities that can completely transform a cluttered, cramped space into a neat and spacious area. Customers deserve closet solutions that meet their needs, and we’ve developed these unique solutions to help customers create the perfect space for their home.

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Achieving that perfect space

• Take advantage of vertical workspace
• Make closet space more navigable in freeing up floor space
• Utilize awkward, hard-to-reach areas by installing closets
• Put the design and layout of closet completely in your hands

Unmatched craftsmanship

Quality craftsmanship is what makes our Woodtrac solutions truly stand out. We carefully select the materials used in our closet organizer solutions. We want to make sure that our customer’s investment in the system adds value to the home and lasts for years to come. Our approach to building a quality shelving solution for our customers gives them access to a reliable solution for every room in their home. Beautiful, smart and functional shelving makes the solution an attractive option for everyone dissatisfied with the current state of the closet.

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Installation simplified

We don’t want customers to put all of that work into designing a perfect solution that they’d have to struggle with installing. It makes the solution an impractical one. For that reason, every aspect of our design process takes into account the installation experience. We’ve made everything from the shelving pieces to the slotting with maximum simplicity, so that customers can immediately derive benefit from the closet organizing solution. The user-friendly design and our support team together saves customer time while eliminating the guesswork required as a part of the installation process.

We envisioned a solution that meets the all of the storage needs of the customer. Our Woodtrac closet solutions were created with the customer in mind. The result was a customized organizer solution that every customer can make their own. We invite you to take advantage of our organizer solution.

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