Kitchen Flooring Design Trends

If you are obsessed with style trends and want to implement this into your kitchen design, then you must include your character into your kitchen flooring. Tile is the foundation for your room and most of the colors you choose throughout the house or room should correlate with your flooring.  You have many options to choose from and an array of designs, but choosing the right palette needs a detailed knowledge of color, trends and physical design of tiles. Below are few points that will enhance the beauty of your room when deciding on which tile to choose from.  

The trend for neutral colors continues to provide a safe and durable charm for your kitchen by giving you the timeless feel.

The most preferred color as of late is grey. It has been a dominant neutral shade that defines every corner of the kitchen. Because of the versatility in its color, the trend isn’t going to die any time soon.  It provides a light, airy feel while not being overwhelming and allowing for other accent colors to shine through. This makes the grey tiles work well with any setting or floor design. Although, instead of the grey shade you can go with soft black for a contemporary kitchen design, the dark rich tiles may also work with a transitional and modern lifestyle kitchens. However, if you are looking for a more classic, vintage kitchen setting, then shades of off-brown, cream or light cherry work best for the time.

However, when it comes to the kitchen reflections, then it is better to choose the glossy variants that are ranged from matte finish, low gloss, and high gloss. Matte finish creates a smooth and sophisticated look, whereas the glossy tiles make the place more attractive and engaging for the viewer.

Texture for the Tiles!

Modern kitchen designs tend to have an open joint structure with dining halls or bars. Now these tiles need to be heavily durable to bear the different kitchen activities.  The most popular tile materials that are a standard are ceramic and porcelain.

Going on to the size of tiles, the trend is of larger tiles, it is becoming more popular to install the large sized tiles in the kitchen area and also in the other parts of the house to make the space larger. This reduces the grout lines where dirt becomes accumulated in between the joints.

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