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Kris Kringle in the Kitchen

We all know how to prepare the house for Christmas. Add a tree, stockings, some balsm wreaths and lights to the porch and viola! You are ready for the holidays.

But how do you decorate the kitchen for Christmas? Here are five easy tips to put make your home holiday central.

1. One of the best ways to put your kitchen into the holiday spirit is through smell. The aroma of fresh baked cookies, cinnamon and vanilla or baked apples harkens to Christmas’ past. If you don’t have time to be June Cleaver and slave over the stove every day, try candles, frangrance oils or sprays. Your family and guests will feel they are in the middle of Mrs. Claus’ kitchen.

2. Decroating can be functional, too. Try adding some holiday dish towels, pot holders, rugs and cooking utensils. You can express your own personality with cute Christmas and wintertime characters or sophisticated, bold patterns in festive colors. Not only will you have all the tools you need for evening meal preparation, but when they aren’t in use, they make a statement of style and holiday spirit.

3. Many people like to use an advent calander to count the days until Christmas. A fun twist on this is to hang very small, personalized stockings in the kitchen next to your refrigerator. Each morning, before everyone is off to school and work, leave a little treat inside with a note reminding them of how many more shopping days are left before the big day.

4. If you love sophisticated holiday decor, try hanging some beautiful balms swags, arranaged with flowers, pine cones and a coordinating ribbon. These are lovely hanging above doorways, over windows or in the center of an undecorated wall. Personalize the swags by adding holiday ornaments in colors that coordinate with your kitchen colors.

5. We usually think about setting our dining room table for Christmas. A great way to keep the season alive all through the month of December is to use our holiday linens, plates, serving and eating utensils for our everyday meals with family and friends. Not only do we get to keep that Christmas spirit, but we let our investment in holiday decor pull double duty.
Hope these tips help you bring that holiday cheer into your kitchen and keep the magic of Kris Kringle alive all through the month of December. Happy Holidays!

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