Living Room Lighting Tips & Ideas

Most homeowners spend their energy choosing the perfect paint to compliment your style or the pieces of furniture to incorporate in their living room. But most of them forget to pay proper attention to their living room lighting. Overlooking the best light to illuminate the beauty of their living room can hurt your overall style. Yep, designing your living room can be overwhelming that you neglect the most intricate details.

6 Tips to Enhance Your Living Room Lighting

In an area where you get lost in your book, binge-watch your favorite Netflix’s series, play games and entertain your guests; lighting can make or break your home aesthetic. Let’s make it easier for you with these practical ideas to consider in properly lighting your living room.

1. Use a proper lighting scheme.

There are various types of lights, set at different levels that create harmony in the living room lighting. A combination of various types of lighting thoughtfully placed at different points in the ceiling or walls is vital in designing the whole room. Most noteworthy, dimmers work best to set the tone while making space warm, welcoming and gorgeous.

2. Highlight the things that matters to you.

Go for accent lighting to highlight your favorite area in the living room like your beloved painting, family portraits, fireplace, beautiful cabinets or stylishly textured walls. This type of living room lighting gives a certain punch to the room while effortlessly navigating your guest’s eyes towards the room’s architectural details. An illumination on the things that matters to you will instantly give a personal touch to the room.

3. Create an effect with ambient light.

Ceiling lights, chandeliers, portable lamps or mounted fixtures are categorized as ambient lights that create a warm radiance in your living room. Most Lighting Designers opt for this type of living room lighting just to illuminate an area without showing its lighting source that can be messy and unattractive to the eyes.

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4. Put a spark of your personality in the room.

If you want a dash of your style, decorating with lights will help you. Keep your guests interested by creating style through chandeliers and hanging pendants will provide a cozy and intimate effect in the room.

5. Choose energy-efficient lighting solutions.

LEDs are slowly taking over modern household today. Therefore, this is a smart choice if you’re considering long-wearing lighting for your home. While many homeowners still choose traditional light bulbs for its affordable price. But the light’s lifespan and quality should also be taken into consideration.

6. Incorporate portable table lamps for the bookworms.

Consider an arc design for the lights where you can easily adjust to where you are working. Maybe, this is a smart option if you want to change your reading nook every time. Just ensure that there are basic corner tables with a power outlet for a hassle-free positioning.

Writer’s Note:
In every design and plan; budget-friendly options should be taken into consideration. When you know your construction cost, it will be easier for you to narrow down your living room lighting choices. However, lighting design is a critical part and choosing quantity over quality isn’t a good idea. Never take for granted the safety of your family, friends, and guests if ever short circuit or power interruptions that can cause severe damage to your household happens. Thus, always consider energy-efficient lighting solutions.

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Thanks for reading Living Room Lighting Tips & Ideas. Hope that the above mentioned tips will help you to make your living room lighting project more easy & efficient.

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