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Managing Small Laundry Area with 7 Easy Steps

7 Easy Steps on Managing your Laundry Area for Small Spaces

While most people are excited building or renovating their bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms; they tend to disregard the idea of having an organized space for laundry room. You may think that this particular space in your room cannot be optimized even in a small area. Let’s not hang our dirty clothes outside (literally!) and start managing small laundry area by decorating it with the 7 practical ideas given below.

  1. The Kits Matter

    Allocate a place for all your sewing repairs, color wash removal, shoe maintenance and clothing storage in segregated kits storage. You may also add a small container for the loose coins you get in their pockets. Place these essentials together in accessible shelves.


  1. Setting the Bar

    Incorporate a drying bar to your laundry room. It can be a simple metal or wooden bar which will help you hang cotton button-down shirts out from the dryer. These clothes has tendency to shrink and be more wrinkled when not hung. Bars are also essential for hang pressured shirts.


  1. Alternative Folding Table

    If you have a tight space for a folding table, have a fold-down shelf attached to the wall. While managing small laundry area, an alternative folding table is very practical. You can customize it into an ironing board with a heat-safe padding for clothing safety purposes. Place this nearby a hanging bar and closets for easy access on the clothes and linens.


  1. Add Small Space Closets

    For a compact laundry workstation, the perfect fit will be a stacked European-style washer & dryer set. Add some shelves between the units for an easy pulls out of apparels fresh from the machine. It economizes the space while managing small laundry area and help you keeping the area organize and neat.

  2. Flexibility is the Key

    Have an adjustable closest. It allows you to change the stacks depending on the clothes you will fill in. This is the best way to segregate your items for folded clean clothes, collapsible bags and used apparels for laundry. Just ensure that the used clothes are separated properly so that its odor will not stick to the new ones.


  1. Play with Your Hutches

    You can have small space but still have enough storage for all your laundry needs. Mix and match your cabinets and shelves. You can install wall-mounted shelves for kits storage and cabinets for folded clothes or keep used clothes hidden.


  1. Alternate Route

    If all things failed above due to your super tight laundry space, go for one cart which can hold everything for you. This is the best solution for smaller spaces because it can serve as an ironing surface, hold up hanging rod for ironed clothes and can contain all your necessary laundry supplies with its small cabinets. A moveable cart is very useful for managing small laundry area as well as for mobility purposes around the house.


Managing Small Laundry Area with Cabinet Genies Remodeling Experts

Try for simple solutions. Planning for your own laundry area doesn’t need to be stressful. You can search everything online for the designs and buy necessary materials. But if you want to fully maximize your small space, you can ask for expert’s assistance. It does cost more than do-it-yourself methods but this will ensure lighten the burden of the technicalities of the designs.
Ask a Cabinet Genies Home Designer & Organize your small laundry area in a beautiful and practical way!

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