Current Minimalism Trends

When it comes to design trends for home remodeling projects, minimalism is the new aesthetic. At a time when most families feel busier than ever, it’s not surprising that so many homeowners are opting for a clean, uncluttered look at home. The streamlined minimalist style brings a sense of order and calm to hard-working rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, and when executed artfully, can make every living space in the home look great and function better.

Minimalist Renovations

Interior designers often use the phrase “less is more” to describe the effect minimalism strives to achieve. The idea is to reveal the intrinsic beauty of spaces, materials and furnishings by stripping away unessential elements. Renovation projects offer the best opportunity to accomplish that design goal by reshaping rooms so that the architectural components can take primary roles. The form, line and mass of kitchen cabinets, for example, can become the room’s main focal point, eliminating the need for additional decoration.

Lighting the Space

Remodeling is also effective at reconfiguring the space so that light can be used as a minimalist design element in its own right. Whether it’s by removing a wall to let in natural light or by installing new lighting fixtures, renovations offer options to enhance the mood and ambience of the room without over-cluttering it with furnishings. Minimalist interiors are defined by a sense of movement and space, and lighting can go a long ways towards making rooms feel more expansive.

Material Matters

While the minimalist look is decidedly contemporary, it’s adaptable to a broad array of decorative styles, from industrial chic to mid-century modern. The materials chosen for the renovation will determine the specific style. One of the strongest interior design trends is to select luxury woods, fabrics and finishes for a minimalist look that’s refined and sophisticated. The minimalist lines and form of a standard shower, for example, achieve an understand elegance when crafted with fine Italian marble.

In a kitchen designed in a luxury minimalist style, selecting high quality appliances, lighting and hardware is critical. The bare-bones look of minimalism shines a spotlight on every component of the space, so it’s important to ensure that each element can withstand scrutiny. While minimalism can require more thought and planning than other decorative styles, it’s a look that pays off with better functionality, and it creates the kind of cool and serene atmosphere that many people want for their homes as well.

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