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More Space In Your Place: The Way of the Murphy Bed

Throughout much of the late 20th century, Murphy beds were relegated to novelties predominantly found in classic slapstick comedy shows. The Murphy bed, however, is enjoying a comeback as consumers are looking for ways to optimize function in order to better utilize space. While studio apartments never really retired the use of these unique beds, other housing and lodging entities are rediscovering the practicality of Murphy beds. They can now be found in hotels, mobile homes, and households across the nation.

Murphy beds were invented in the early 1900s by William L. Murphy for the Murphy Bed Company. The design hasn’t changed over the years. The primary benefit of a Murphy bed is the amount of space they save since these beds were designed to fold up into the wall when not in use. The Murphy bed is a natural fit for homeowners as they eschew the McMansions of the late 90s in favor of smaller and more environmentally sustainable housing. Murphy beds provide flexible use of even the tiniest spaces. Rooms that would otherwise be dedicated to particular uses are freed up for other use. The guest bedroom, for instance, can easily serve as a home office or play room instead of a room that waits for guests to arrive. Murphy beds are also great options for kids’ rooms; the amount of room saved makes an ideal play area. Murphy beds often save money as well as space since Murphy beds can be cheaper than traditional beds.

Murphy beds are not only convenient space savers but also fit in well with any home design option. Although Murphy beds do not have traditional headboards, foot boards, or rails that lend themselves to a typical bedroom’s essence, they do offer the possibility of customized cabinetry to contain the bed when in storage. Most Murphy beds are concealed within closet-like doors that can add to the aesthetics of the room. Some of the best Murphy bed designs have come from mobile home manufacturers and are spreading to other housing units. Cabinet makers can offer design options and ideas for anyone considering a Murphy bed for the home.

Murphy beds are cropping up in more and more locations, meaning that a whole new generation is discovering the benefits of the ultimate space-saving furniture. Meanwhile, interior designers and cabinet makers are finding modern ways to integrate the Murphy bed into home design options for modern homeowners.

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