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New Refrigerator Has Built in Keurig in the Door


As if single serve brewing machines weren’t convenient enough, you can now brew a cup of coffee right from your refrigerator! The new GE Café™ Series Refrigerators, not only include a hot water dispenser right in the door, but the new refrigerator has built in Keurig in the door. Yes! A built in Keurig® K-cup® brewing system. The water is first filtered through a state of the art filter, which is said to remove up to 98 percent of trace pharmaceuticals, and then it can be used to make coffee. Filtered water dispensers aren’t new, but this is the first ever hot water dispenser on a refrigerator. It provides up to 10 ounces of hot water and boasts four different heat settings.

Form and Function

Form and Function

LED lighting makes it easy to operate the Keurig® feature early in the morning in a dark kitchen. There will be no more wasted counter space since the brewing system is built right in to the fridge. In addition to the exciting new hot water dispensing features, these refrigerators are both beautiful and spacious. Stainless steel appliances and refrigerators with French doors are in vogue right now, and offering your guest coffee or hot tea straight from the fridge is sure to impress.

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Why a Built in Brewing System?

Single serve brewing machines have revolutionized the way people make coffee and other hot beverages. These wonders of modern technology have eliminated the age old chore of measuring messy coffee grounds and then making an entire pot of coffee. But as much coffee as we consume nowadays, these free standing machines have to be refilled often. Also, buying filtered water is expensive, so there is a tendency to cut corners health wise and fill the machine with tap water. GE’s Café™ Series Refrigerators provide a constant and virtually instant supply of hot, filtered water for your favorite hot beverages.

Demand and Pricing

Higher end refrigerators that provide filtered water and were revolutionary when they first came out, but something has been missing—hot coffee. Just like with three-in-one printers, modern consumers are wanting to get more bang for their buck with multi-purpose products. These refrigerators do come with a hefty price tag, though. MSRPs for GE Café™ Series Refrigerators range from $3,100 to $3,300.

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