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Optimizing your Bathroom Space for Condominiums

Your home reflects your personality. The color scheme used in every room speaks for itself. It speaks for you as if your soul is part of that beautiful canvass in the wall. How you treat and design each rooms will determine your lifestyle whether your organized or not, experiences such souvenir collections form your travel adventures and relationships through family memoirs, paintings and pictures. However, many people struggle with spaces. The one-million dollar question is how to optimize the space if you’re living in a small area such as condominiums or apartment flat. Optimizing your bathroom space for condominiums is not easy.

Worry no more as we prepared a series of articles about room renovations and optimizations for every condominium. In this first-part article we’ll focus on the most intricate room design of the most criticized part of the unit and most frequently used. This is your bathroom. Optimizing your bathroom space for condominiums need a lot of preperation. Before consulting an interior designer, it is important to list and narrow down what you want. What type of transformation you wanted to accomplished after the renovation. Grab your pen, and paper; and take into consideration the list presented below.

How much is your budget?

Room renovations don’t come for free. You have to assess yourself on how much you are willing to spend. So before hiring someone to do the construction, make sure that you’ll stick with the budget. Or else you’ll be out-of-budget even before you could buy those personal bathroom vanities you want to incorporate in the bathroom. You can start early by price canvassing online. Through this you’ll be able to determine the budget you need. Everything is within the click of your fingertips so start early.

Splash in some color.

Although colors like nudes and neutrals are commonly used; go for your own preference of relaxing and calming colors. Be considerate with mildew-resistant properties in choosing the bathroom paint. Opt for high-gloss paints as it doesn’t prevent mildew and is easier to clean.

How to light your bathroom right?

In order to save electricity and cost, consider the location of the bathroom. Does it contain windows where natural light can pass through? Since you wanted to optimize your small space, go for a single light source. And consider which type of light you want. There are bathrooms which prefer dimmer task lights to exude calmness in the room.

Proper ventilation is important.

Whenever a room becomes too humid, molds will start to grow on the floor and wall tiles. It can cause accidents because it is very slippery.

Save water.

Try to project water efficiency during the bathroom design. If you have enough budget, try integrating water-efficient systems and low flow shower heads. It may be costly compare to regular showers or toilets but it will save you tons of gallons of water. You’re saving water and Mother Earth at the same time. Why not, right?

Boost your storage space.

Incorporate as much storage as you can. Plan where to install shelves to put your vanity essentials, towel rods and racks for your changing clothes. Choose a cabinet with mirrors to put your meds and personal hygiene stocks.

To cut it short..
While optimizing your bathroom space for condominiums, renovations can be grueling and mind-boggling. But early preparation and self- assessment is the key. Cabinet Genies Project Estimator is a great tool to make assessment and budget for your upcoming renovation project. Above everything else what you want should be within the budget you allocated and you can only save time, money and be stress free if you will prep up early. Request an Estimate to save your precious time & make your life easier!

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