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If you want to outfit your Florida kitchen with the very best Cape Coral lighting fixtures, consider Task Lighting Company products. Task Lighting offers the finest angle power strip and LED lighting products, and these fixtures have a number of uses in the kitchen and around the house.

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Task Lighting under cabinet lights provide perfect illumination and an uncluttered aesthetic. The company offers a number of available under cabinet lights, all of which are an invaluable asset to any kitchen. They are easy to install, easy to use, and provide the light you need to make the most of your kitchen space. Check out the SG9 Series, the Q Series, and SPL Pucks to determine which style would be best suited to your home.

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If you want to illuminate the inside of a cabinet, take a look at Task Lighting’s selection of interior cabinet lights. These LED fixtures shine a light on the contents of your cabinets. They are available in warm light and neutral light, and they are free of UV and IR. This means that your collections of memorabilia and art won’t be harmed by damaging UV lights. These recessed or surface mounted lights are easy to install, have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, and come with a compatible dimmer. Task Lighting offers several types of interior cabinet lights, ranging from the E Series to the SPMC Mini Cans.

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Task Lighting also offers angle power strips. These strips use a patented design and enable you to customize the placement of your power outlets. Your home will no longer be interrupted by unsightly outlets and switches. They fit snugly beneath desks and cabinets, and they are also useful in bathrooms, dens, and living rooms. These strips are built to fit, and you are sure to get a lot of use out of these flexible, customizable power strips.If you’re looking for the best in Cape Coral lighting, consider using Task Lighting fixtures to illuminate your home. From bright under cabinet lights to neutral interior cabinet fixtures, these lights are a perfect way to infuse your kitchen with a dash of Florida style.

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