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Particle Board: Why Low Cost Doesn’t Always Leave You Happy

 Wood products are very popular in our home decor and storage needs. Although, not all woods are created equal. The cost of the wood does not have to be the determining factor in its quality level, but there are a few things that need to be kept in mind when looking for quality cabinetry in your home

One of the key facets with particle board furniture is that the manufacturer is attempting to offer the best quality product for the lowest possible price. This sometimes means that a lower grade of wood is used in its fabrication. Particle board, like plywood, are considered to be man made woods. They are in a whole classification of man made woods. These man made woods are made by using different strands or fibers of woods that are adhered together through using glue and high pressure pressing.

Particle board in particular uses many shavings, pieces of wood and even sawdust in making the sheets of wood. While this type of wood is great if making some utility shelves or a lower end garage project, it is rather weak and does not make the best choice when making cabinets. This type of wood will retain moisture better, and if exposed to the elements will tend to breakdown much faster than plywood would.

Plywood is one of the better low end choices. This type of wood is extremely strong and durable. It is able to resist warping and cracking much better than particle board. While plywood is a bit more expensive than its counterpart, its ability to take a beating and still last for years makes the minor expense well worth the investment.

Plywood can also offer the individual a wide range of thicknesses as well as finishes. Particle board tends to only come in two or three different thicknesses and is typically not a finished product when purchased. Particle board also has issues with holding finishes and paints on their surface as well. This is why many companies that use particle board and their furniture manufacturing have a veneer glued to their exterior.

There are uses for all the types of manufactured wood. Plywood and particle board are no exceptions. The key is to always be aware of what is being bought and how it will be used. The consumer will not want to purchase particle board furniture for an outdoor deck or anyplace where there is a lot of moisture.

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