Using Reclaimed Wood in a Kitchen

Reclaimed wood, when transformed into butcher blocks, pantry doors and kitchen cabinets and shelves, can give any kitchen a beautiful, rustic feel. Add a few elements of reclaimed wood to your home for a custom kitchen.

1. Butcher Block
Give your kitchen a rustic feel with a butcher block made of reclaimed wood. Butcher blocks not only look amazing in every kitchen, they are also extremely functional. Chop produce and meat on an easy-to-reach island while keeping your counter space free for your appliances and prep items. Your butcher block can also help aid in storage in your kitchen; you can design a butcher block to include drawers, shelves, baskets, hooks and other tools for storing measuring cups, utensils and other items that end up lost at the bottom of drawers.
2. Pantry Door
Keep the items in your pantry out of sight while entertaining guests in your kitchen with a custom-made reclaimed wood door. Old barn doors can be found at estate sales and flea markets and are extremely popular right now in rustic kitchens. These pieces of reclaimed wood can be finished in any color or finish. You can even have texture added to your wood. After, your woodworker can hang a sliding mechanism to the outside of your pantry so your barn door will open and close with the touch of a finger. You can even customize your door further by adding knobs or handles that make opening and closing your pantry as easy as apple pie.
3. Kitchen Cabinets
Keep your dishes and appliances out of sight with a set of custom-made kitchen cabinets. Reclaimed wood can make some of the best cabinets with a little refinishing. Cape Coral cabinet makers can transform your reclaimed wood into a beautiful set of cabinets with either a rustic feel or a sleek set of cabinets that will tie any room together. For rustic cabinets, pair with window treatments made out of reclaimed fabric and tarnished brass light fixtures. For a sleeker look, pair cabinets with stainless steel light fixtures and monochromatic window treatments.
4. Kitchen Counter
Your kitchen counters is where all the food magic happens in your kitchen. Keep them looking fabulous by designing custom counters with reclaimed wood. A carpenter can take the wood you’ve found at an estate sale or flea market and refinish it so it can withstand all your food prep mess. Reclaimed wood counters look fantastic with basin sinks or farmhouse sinks since they add to the rustic feel your wood counters will lend to the room.
5. Open Shelves
While some people prefer the sleek look of closed kitchen cabinets, some people love showing off their fancy glassware and dishes with open shelves. Open shelves are perfect when paired with custom cabinets because they allow you to pick and choose which of your dish sets will look the best displayed on open shelves. Simply ask your carpenter to refinish your reclaimed wood and fit it to the wall where you want to display your shelves. Your cabinet maker can fit your wooden shelves to the wall with brackets, allowing you to custom fit your shelves to your height and to the height of the items you’d like to display.


There are plenty of ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into your kitchen for both rustic and sleek motifs. Hire a cabinet maker to help your kitchen ideas become realities.

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