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Restaurant Features Find Their Way Home

If you’re trying to make your kitchen more functional and professional, there are many features that have begun to make their way from restaurant kitchens into people’s homes. Here are some of the coolest restaurant-style innovations that you can add to your home kitchen.

1. Eye-Level Magnetic StripsRestaurants employ magnetic strips for a variety of reasons, including holding tickets as they come in. Magnetic Strips in your own kitchen can provide you with a place to put your recipes, and even store your knives to open up counter space that would normally be taken up by a butcher’s block.

2. Open Workspaces

Restaurant kitchens usually have a prep station right next to their stove or flat-top. If you want to emulate this style in your own kitchen, keep your counters clear and ready for use at all times.

In the home, valuable prep space is often sacrificed to appliances like microwaves, coffeepots, toasters, and stand mixers. While these are useful gadgets, for the kitchen, you need a lot of prep space. Adding a chopping block or an island can help you get a professional edge.

3. A Professional-Grade Hood

Restaurants can’t afford to have subpar ventilation, especially if their kitchens are small and feature open shelving. Grease can damage your shelves. If you are remodeling your kitchen, consider adding a proper hood with an outside vent.

A hood like this can be expensive, so it’s not the biggest priority. Remember, however, that if you don’t have a good hood, to make sure you doing all that you can ventilate your kitchen. Keep the filter of your fan clean. Running a window fan when you use your stove is also a good idea.

4. Mix Wood with Stainless Steel

Very few restaurant kitchens have butcher-block countertops (mostly because stainless steel is substantially simpler to sanitize and clean) but the wood is a more inviting design element for a home kitchen. However, stainless steel can easily be mixed into your decor, industrial metal cabinets are useful and indestructible. If you really want to emulate a professional kitchen, a metal refrigerated drawer can provide you with the functionality of a restaurant kitchen while still integrating warmer, softer textures and materials.

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