Reusable Products for Sustainable Kitchens

Several ideas are available to make kitchens more sustainable with reusable products. Forget struggling with flimsy plastic kitchen bags while sorting through items to place on the shelf or in cold storage. Drawstring organic cotton produce bags are convenient to carry to the store. Place produce like citrus fruit, squash, and dry beans in separate bags and pull the strings tight to close each bag. Leave the items in the bag for storage in the refrigerator or freezer, or for hanging from the shelves. Wash and dry the bags between trips.

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Add design and color to your kitchen with reusable cleaning cloths. Similar to the size of washcloths, you’ll find a variety of patterns and textures to clean sinks, tables, and walls. Wash, dry, and put away until another one is needed.

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How often do you end up unraveling the plastic wrap from the roll because it didn’t tear off correctly? Eliminate that problem with reusable linen bowl covers for large mixing bowls, individual salad bowls, and even small containers. The elastic edging gathers the cover tightly around the side of the container.

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Are you tired of fighting with broken zips and ineffective seals on plastic bags? Fabric sandwich wraps are an intriguing way to take your lunch to work day after day, since they’re reusable. The sides fold over to keep your sandwich fresh. The final closure folds over the side and fastens the bag shut. Select your favorite colors and designs to personalize your carrier.

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