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Richlite Eco-Friendly Products

From environmentalists to those looking to beautify their home, Richlite countertops are the perfect choice. Richlite surfaces are actually composed of paper, so the material is 100 percent natural. The initial consistency is a fibrous pulp that is converted to paper and then compacted into a beautiful, sturdy substance that is as versatile as it is environmentally friendly. Richlite uses Rapidly Renewable FSC Certified Paper as well as recycled fibers, and the finished substance emits no pollutant gases. It also utilizes WE Technology in its manufacturing process, which reduces its carbon footprint by 32 percent relative to standard manufacture. The variety of Richlite countertops consists of the Northwest and Cascade Collections.

The Northwest Design comes in a wide variety of colors to suit any taste, and it makes a perfect sanitary surface on which to prepare food safely. The texture resembles stone with more beneficial features. For example, Northwest countertops resist acidic stains beautifully. Even basic stains, if not left untreated, remove easily with soap, water, and a soft brush. Deeply set basic stains, however, may require a light refinish. The countertops are also resistant to scratches. While they are not intended as a cutting surface, their scratches can be sanded or buffed because of their solid, consistent color throughout. Another great feature is their heat-resistance of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, areas near high heat, such as the stove, neither crack nor damage.

Durability is another feature, as Northwest countertops resist high-impact pressures and thus do not scratch or gouge easily. Because oxidation of the wood material is natural and inevitable with exposure to sunlight, the color becomes richer and deeper over a span of several years. The material is also incredibly sanitary, for it is unfriendly to bacterial growth and is impenetrable to liquids and other substances that may cause mold or rotting. The Orthodox Union has even granted the Richlite Northwest Collection the highly-honorable Kosher Certification. The strong fibers of the material also allow architects extended cantilevers and long spans without the necessity of added support. Because they are largely composed of recycled paper and are GREENGUARD Certified, the countertops are also sustainable and appear in LEED Certified, environmentally-friendly buildings.

Like the Northwest Collection, the Richlite Cascade Range countertops are resistant to stains, scratches, and heat. Cascade is also similar to Northwest in durability, natural color changes, and sustainability. As with all Richlite products, it also deepens in color over time and is made of impenetrable, strong material that allows for safe food preparation as well as extended-cantilever and long-span architecture designs. The Cascade countertop is unique in its solid-colored top with a layering design that allows edges to become two or three colors. It is also customizable in thicknesses and colors to reflect any and every type of personality. Richlite is truly a wonderful choice when in search of great countertops, for it is environmentally friendly, safe, reliable, and stunning. With a diverse array of colors and design options, there is indeed something for everybody.

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