Round Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs are deeper than conventional tubs, but not as long. These round tubs are ideal for both large and small bathrooms, and are especially at home in a trendy, sleek, modern bath. They are small enough to be tucked away into a cozy nook in a bathroom, but their stylish lines make it trendy to have freestanding soaking tubs take center stage.

Most soaking tubs are freestanding and round in shape. These are the most common, traditional types of soaking tub. They generally aren’t hooked up to a shower, and instead get filled from a tap. Some more stylish varieties may have a wavy, sculptural design instead of being perfectly round. Though these tubs are relatively plain and unadorned, they are still sleek enough to be a focal point in a bathroom– particularly one with an on-trend bone or gray palette.

Drop-in soaking tubs are designed to be placed in an enclosure, like a cutout area in a floor or a custom-made raised enclosure. Otherwise, they are similar to freestanding soaking tubs, in that they are round and deep. These tubs are a good choice for homeowners who prefer the modern look of a threshold-less, contiguous bathroom, or simply prefer an in-floor tub for convenience’s sake.


Framed soaking tubs are a purely stylistic choice. These are akin to freestanding tubs, but are placed in a frame that suspends them above the floor. Depending on the construction of the frame, these tubs may have a slightly larger footprint than regular freestanding ones. With the soaking tub’s good looks coupled with the attractiveness of the frame, homeowners choose these tubs just as much for their form as for their function.Some round soaking tubs are equipped with jets, similar to a whirlpool bath. These help relax the bather with a warm water massage, all while preserving the good looks and functionality of a regular soaking tub.


If you have a small bathroom in need of a modestly-proportioned tub, or a large bathroom just begging for a trendy focal point, soaking tubs may fit the bill. With the number of different shapes and materials on the market, there is guaranteed to be a soaking tub for any bath a homeowner can dream up.


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