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In Cape Coral and across much of southwestern Florida, the real estate market has been impacted by the economy downturn that started more than seven years ago. Real prices plummeted, and foreclosures skyrocketed. Many homeowners who remained in their homes simply took the approach of hunkering down and riding out the storm. They may have made the decision to only make the repairs that were absolutely necessary to their home until the market recovered. In more recent years, home prices have slowly edged upward, foreclosures have declined and interest rates have remained relatively low. Some homeowners have decided to take advantage of low interest rates to get a home equity loan for renovations. Others have decided that now is a great time to sell their home and to pursue plans to upgrade or downsize as desired. If you have plans to sell your home, you may consider how improving your home with a new kitchen or bathroom can help you to sell your home much more quickly and for top dollar.

Recouping the Cost of a Bathroom or Kitchen Renovation
If you have plans to sell your property soon, you may think that it is ill-advised to invest money in fixing it up. However, statistics have shown that both bathroom and kitchen renovations can have a direct impact on the value of the home. In fact, the right renovations can be recouped 100 percent or more in the sales price. In some cases, homeowners have been able to realize a 120 or even 130 percent gain from the amount of money they poured into these renovations. Therefore, making updates to these important rooms can be valuable and beneficial.

Updating the Style of Your Space
If you have already met with a real estate agent in the Cape Coral area for information about the estimated value of your home, the real estate agent may have given you a few suggestions about how to make your space ready to sell. The general idea of a make-ready is to remove any personal aspects of yourself from the home and to restore it to a general, neutral yet appealing style that most will love. The kitchen and bathrooms often are rooms that can either make or break a potential buyer’s interest. Consider that other rooms in the home may only have blank walls, open expanses of floors and built-in light fixtures. The kitchens and bathrooms, however, will have tile back splashes, cabinets, counter tops and other fixtures. Therefore, these rooms can really add style to an otherwise empty or bland space, and this style can appeal to buyers.

Selecting Beautiful Materials
When you are selecting the right materials for your space, look for materials that have an eye-catching and modern look but that also may have timeless style in the space. One idea is to use glass tiles from the Glass Tile Studio in the kitchen and bathrooms. These can be used as accent pieces or throughout the tiled areas. You can customize the tiles based on size, color and pattern to meet your needs, and this makes them the ideal solution for almost every space.

You understandably want to sell your home quickly, and you may want to get the best price possible from the sale. Consider how using glass tile and other beautiful materials in a kitchen and bathroom remodeling project may benefit you.

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