Shades of Grey Stay Hot for Homes

The term, “50 Shades of Grey,” doesn’t just apply to the steamy book and movie of the same name, it also aptly describes the number of different greys you can use in your home color schemes. Grey works in just about any room of your home and can give you any type of look that you want.

Kitchens and baths
Grey is a very popular color for kitchens and bathrooms because it goes well with fixtures. Grey helps both bright whites and off-whites stand out and it also blends well with stainless steel and other metals. That makes it a perfect complement to kitchen and bath fixtures as well as toilets, sinks and showers. Lighter greys are good for bathrooms and kitchens, because they usually are smaller rooms, and the darker the shade, the smaller it makes the room look.

Using grey as a color scheme in your bedroom can work very well if you are looking to update. Lighter grey may be a good idea if you have modern furniture and are looking for more of a modern look. If the furniture is more traditional and is of a darker wood, it may fit in better with a darker grey. Another advantage of using grey in the bedroom is that it is neutral, and if you go to sell your house, buyers aren’t likely to consider it a drawback.

Living areas
Grey is a popular color for living rooms and dens because it provides an updated and modern look. Lighter grays go well with dark wood floors, while darker greys might make a better choice if the room is carpeted with a light neutral color. As is the case with bedrooms, grey makes a good neutral color that can be a benefit when you are looking to sell. Not only does it appeal to many people, it’s also easy to paint over if new owners should choose to.

The same factors apply to basements as to any other room of the home. Whether you use finished basement space as a living area or recreation room, grey is a good neutral color that goes well with a lot of different flooring and furniture options. Grey can offer a sleek, modern feel to a family theater room, for example, or it can provide a subdued look to a second family room in the basement.

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