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Subzero M Wall Ovens

Subzero’s new M series wall ovens have seen several design improvements over the company’s L & E series ovens. Among other innovations, the new wall oven design offers more interior cooking space, easier access and faster cooking times.

A hidden heating element and two vertically oriented convection fans, placed in the back corners, provide the interior of the ovens more space for food. The back of the new wall ovens, and the new cooking racks, are rounded, allowing the ovens to accept a larger roasting pan or a full 16 inch pizza. Both the top and bottom cooking chambers each hold 3 cooking racks, two with the capability to extend fully forward, making turning and basting of food much easier, while the third rack extends like a standard oven rack.


The new M Series ovens have three interior lights, with one light placed on each side of the oven, and are intentionally staggered so each oven rack is evenly lit up. The third interior light is placed at the upper back of the oven and angled downward so light is distribute evenly throughout the cooking chamber.

The new Sub-Zero Wolf M Series is available in three distinctive styles to accommodate different kitchen designs. A traditional looking oven sports red control knobs and can be installed to fit flush with kitchen cabinetry. A second contemporary design offers a flush fit and a sleek appearance and doesn’t have any handles. Instead, the oven features a touch control hydraulic action door that slowly swings open when gently inward pressure is placed on the door. The third new design style of the M Series is a hybrid oven, and a cross between the contemporary style and the Wolf pro line. The company is also reintroducing a 27 inch model that will be available in both the contemporary and transitional versions.

All the new M series ovens have new cooking technology features that include a new automated cooking mode that tells you which rack to cook the food on while making the best temperature recommendations for the type of food being cooked.

Wolf is also currently working on redesigning their existing 36 inch single wall oven model. In the past, the 36 inch model wall oven had a cooking chamber smaller than the new M Series 30 inch ovens. The new design will offer a larger interior in a smaller overall package.

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