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Tech-less Living Rooms

Imagine a home where you can return to after work and really truly relax. An unexpected trend is being set for living rooms. It is becoming very popular as people genuinely and increasingly need to wind down and disconnect. Tech-less living rooms are just that. It’s a living room totally devoid of electronic devices. There are no large screen televisions, no computers, no tablets, no console games that connect to any of those devices. It’s simply and elegantly an old fashioned living room. The need to disconnect from electronic devices is growing as the number of devices to connect to grow. In order to truly relax and unwind it is necessary to totally be able to tune out and to leave work behind. It’s also about boundaries where work and home life can once again be a separate entities. Imagine sitting in a room reading a real paper hands on book. This is a growing trend and no doubt people are liking it.

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Tech-less Living Rooms Flly Devoid of Electronic Devices

The use of smartphones, computers and screens of all types have become so overwhelming that more people than ever feel they don’t ever truly relax. The need to have downtime is essential for stress relief and to decompress from a day’s work. Without it, people not only fail to relax, but can actually become physically ill by stress induced illnesses.

People are once again yearning for and creating tech free living rooms to engage in truly old fashioned relaxing activities. People are longing for the living room to be a place to engage in casual conversation with friends, read a paperback, play a board game or cards with the kids and just be.

Experts agree that tuning out and powering down is essential for people as a way to toss the worries of the day. Engaging in more activities after school and work that include electronic screens doesn’t allow for down time. The need to tune out, put up one’s feet and forget the day’s activity is overdue. Homeowners are responding by designing living rooms without built-in tech space for televisions or computers.

A pared down design is in and of itself a relaxing sight in this technology filled world. A home should have spaces that are completely tech free and allow inhabitants to restore and revitalize without technology.

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