The Heart of your Home – Go from Achy-Breaky to Wonderful

The kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home. It usually sees the highest level of traffic, as kids, pets and guests frequent the home. From the kitchen emanate glorious aromas to permeate the entire house; as a beacon to household members who subsequently flock to the source for a taste. Even the casual routine of morning coffee begins in the humblest, yet most important room in the house.

The kitchen is the single feature of a home that can make or break a sale. Kitchen makeovers can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand, so first consider where upgrades are most needed. Consider these tips when undertaking a kitchen upgrade to support a home sale.

Cabinetry is easily the highest investment item in the kitchen, and though good cabinets do last a long time, styles change frequently. Dated cabinets can be brought current with several less expensive methods than total replacement. Changing out cabinet fronts or adding interest to plain doors with molding can alter appearance dramatically. Adding updated knobs and handles is a great way to give older cabinets a facelift.

If your kitchen is wallpapered, make sure there are no curling edges or bubbles developing under the paper. If this is happening, re-paper or remove it altogether and paint the walls. It’s best to use a neutral color, however. This will appeal to a wider base of prospective buyers.

Counter tops and flooring are the next consideration. The first priority is to ensure these are in good condition with no chips, cracks or gouges. If you find these, replacing or repairing will add value and increase buyer interest. Adding an updated faucet to the sink can give new life in that area.

Matching appliances in good repair that suit the style of the house round out a well-appointed kitchen. Ensure your kitchen has good light. Adding under-cabinet lights or one over the sink will brighten up dark areas.

Overall, the kitchen should be aesthetically pleasing for both residents and guests, provide efficiency for use and have ample storage. Keep your floor and wall colors neutral, and add splashes of color and personality with curtains or perhaps a colorful bowl of fruit on the counter. With a few creative tweaks here and there, the kitchen can be the shining star of the home, as well as bring the desired top resale dollar.

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