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The New American Home 2013

The New American Home is an annual showcase that allows building professionals of all stripes to exhibit their work. It is put on display by the National Association of Home Builders and features the latest in contemporary design.

For 2013, the New American Home features organic building materials in keeping with current trends emphasizing eco-friendliness. This home also has several water features, including a stunning pool, water walls, and koi pond. There is also a trough, resembling a small river, which runs through the whole length of the home. This additional water is not only beautiful to look at, but it also serves a very important purpose in the Nevada desert, offering an aesthetically pleasing addition that also helps to keep the house cool and to contribute to an increased level of moisture in the air surrounding the home.

The kitchen and living room, also referred to as the “great room”, are combined in this home. This design is very open and spacious. This area includes a fireplace and a view of the outdoor pool.


There are also numerous places for catering to parties and guests, including lofts outfitted with pool tables, and a sky deck, media room, and wine room. There is also a courtyard on which guests can congregate view the crystal-clear Las Vegas sky, and a basement that is designed to have the atmosphere of a nightclub.

The home is also very functional. It features a butler’s pantry, which can be used for storing special china and for serving drinks or hors d’oeuvres during a party. This area of the house can also be used as a storage space for additional items from the kitchen that don’t get used often.

Some of the intimate spaces of the home include the smaller guest suite, which offers a place for guests to spend the night. They also have the luxury of a private bathroom and a kitchenette. The fireplaces contribute to the general feeling of coziness.

The New American Home of 2013 is a masterpiece of functionality and beauty, all packaged in a modern, expansive, and energy-efficient desert haven.

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