The New Cambria Collection-Oakmoor_kitchen

The New Cambria Collection

Cambria is the manufacturer of quartz countertops and surfaces for kitchens, baths and other spaces in homes and commercial environments. The brand has become expert in design of captivating quartz counters with greater durability than granite. Each surface inherently offers the elegance of natural stone with enduring performance.

Behind the Design: Cambria Brand Highlights

Each Cambria product is mined and processed in the United States. This ensures more efficient, easier and cost effective transportation of finished products to construction sites and remodeling projects, versus brands produced outside of North America.

For homeowners and designers desiring to “go green,” Cambria surfaces are produced with green initiatives from start to finish. All of the water used in their fabrication centers and plants is recycled. Diamond-metal tooling undergoes retooling and reuse. All scrap is collected for use as part of local roadway construction projects.

Cambria’s natural quartz offers unparalleled color, clarity and natural variation. Surfaces do not scratch, stain or suffer from other stressors, being 93 percent pure quartz. Edges can be cut using any of nineteen different edge designs, enhancing the surface’s coloration through artful edging.

When preparing food on Cambria surfaces, beauty surrounds the cooking process. But the hidden beauty is the surface’s nonporous, nonabsorbent quality. Bacteria and moisture from raw or residual food does not remain on a cleaned surface. Quartz is considered the safest stone surface for food preparation and cleans completely with only warm water and soap.

The New Cambria Collection-Brittanicca_kitchen

Newest Design Options

Cambria offers a palette of over 120 designs. Regardless of which design is chosen, the price is always the same. To inspire their designs, the manufacturers pull from nature and the environment.

The New Cambria Collection-Roxwell_kitchen

Oceanic Collection
The latest design collection of Cambria quartz surfaces is the Oceanic Collection. Each slab of this collection emulates ocean current and tidal movement through its linear waves of alternating colors. As part of this collection there are two color and pattern choices. Those are Oakmoor and Roxwell.

Oakmoor is a sandy-hued design reminiscent of aged, old-growth wood or the sandy beaches of a desert island. Subtle organic tones of cream, tan and caramel flow throughout each surface. Graduated shades of gray infuse linear movement, alternating against the sandier colors.

Roxwell is primarily gray, offering the appearance of northwestern beaches dusted over centuries with volcanic ash. Serpentine lines of gray weave through white waves, just as charcoal flecks and shimmering accents provide the effect of dampened sandy shores.

The New Cambria Collection-Ella_kitchen_DesignerText60

Marble Collection
The Marble Collection now offers two new designs as complements to nine pre-existing surface varieties. The two newest additions, Brittanicca and Ella, each present variations on Neo-Classical white and gray marble standards.

Brittanicca is primarily white with striking gray streams infused sporadically. Darker charcoal sparkles and ash accents add texture and depth.

Ella is a cream-based marbled surface with thin veins of dove gray throughout. The gray forms lattice patterns with intricacy and delicacy.

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