Things to Consider When Contemplating Granite vs Quartz Countertops

The debate between quartz countertops and granite countertops is one of the most heated debates in the home improvement and building industries. Granite countertops are composed of feldspar, quartz and mica. This is a naturally occurring stone that is mined in huge pieces before being cut into manageable slabs. Quartz countertops are formed by combining resin and quartz crystals. The ratio between quartz and resin is generally about 97 percent quartz to three percent resin. Both materials are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Pros of Quartz Countertops
One of the biggest advantages that quartz has over granite is that the material is not porous. This means that liquids that are spilled on the counter will not be able to cause damage. It also means that the countertops don’t have to be sealed periodically because they are sealed naturally. Another advantage to having countertops made of quartz is that this material resists both scratches and heat, making it an excellent choice for kitchen countertops. There are many colors of quartz available and the color tends to be consistant throughout each piece.

Pros of Granite Countertops
Because granite is a naturally occurring material, each slab is unique and it is nearly impossible to find a slab with colors that are spread evenly throughout the entire piece. This is great for people who want their countertops to make a unique style statement. Another reason to have granite countertops installed in your home is that they resist scratches and heat as well as quartz as long as the countertop has been properly sealed.

Cons of Quartz Countertops
Quartz countertops are heat resistant, but they are not heat proof. This means that the surface may be damaged by appliances that use a large amount of heat. It is extremely difficult to repair quartz countertops once they have been damaged.

Cons of Granite Countertops
One of the biggest cons of having granite countertops installed in your kitchen is that granite is a porous material that needs to be sealed about once per year. Bacteria and liquids can cause damage to the finish if the countertop is not sealed properly.

The Bottom Line
Granite and quartz are both beautiful and durable choices for your countertops. They are similarly priced and are both great options. Quartz holds a slight edge over granite for many homeowners because it doesn’t require the yearly maintenance that granite countertops need to stay stain resistant.

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