Timeless Kitchen Amenities That Never Go Out of Style

For many households, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Not only that, a beautifully renovated kitchen will return much of the homeowner’s investment when the home is sold. Though some kitchen trends like avocado colored fridges and stoves come and go, some kitchen trends are timeless. Here are a few of them:

Consider the Ceilings
Ceilings don’t have to be absolutely utilitarian but can add to the decor of the kitchen. A homeowner should consider coffers and moldings that echo the shapes and panels in cabinets and drawers. Interesting light fixtures and pot racks also give a ceiling its own panache.


Speaking of Lighting …
LED lights have been greatly improved over the years. Because they are cool to the touch and last much longer than regular incandescent lights, they can be used in places a homeowner wouldn’t think of. This includes the toe kick beneath the lower cabinets, the bottom edges of the upper cabinets or the interior of the cabinets themselves. They can even be used to light up the insides of drawers, and some enterprising homeowners even have them sunk into the floor. Of course, they can be used for general lighting in the form of pendants, track lighting or sunken lights.

Great Big Sinks
How many cooks have been frustrated because it was awkward to fit that stockpot into a shallow sink, either for washing or filling up with water? A deep sink does away with all that and also contains the splashes. Apron front sinks are the traditional deep sink.


Do It White
Some interior decorators hate white kitchens and believe they’ve gone out of style. One thing that will never go out of style is the white kitchen. White kitchens don’t have to be boring. White comes in many shades, and a little pop of bright color here and there is just the thing.

Try Extra Deep Drawers
Extra deep drawers are really no harder to install than regular drawers and can hold entire place settings. Partitions, felt bottoms and pegboard will keep the house’s best dishware from bumping against each other and chipping. Deep drawers can be used for storing pots and pans as well as their covers. Glassware can also be stored in deep drawers, again with partitions that keep them from bumping against each other.


Lose Some of the Upper Cabinets
Another benefit of deep drawers is that some of the upper cabinets that used to store dishes and glassware can be done away with. This allows room for the addition of windows or even artwork and makes the kitchen more open and airy.dreamstime_s_22041835

Single Level Islands
Islands that are more than one height not only break up the line of the kitchen but also interrupt the flow of light into the room. An island that is one height also has more space for preparation. Also, an island that’s the height of the stove and countertops enhances the kitchen’s pleasing symmetry.


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