Top 10 Kitchen Trends of 2013

Redecorating your kitchen this year is possible by setting a budget and brainstorming the look you desire before you begin to shop. Kitchen trends change often, so it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends in order to ensure you are capable of achieving the look you have in mind. There are many kitchen trends of 2013 that can help to totally transform your kitchen, creating an entirely new atmosphere altogether.


Using grey in your new kitchen is a way to create a modern atmosphere while also giving the space a minimalist appearance. Incorporating white, black and even bright colors with the shades of grey you choose is all up to you once you have selected the grey hue you prefer.

Black and White

Utilizing only black and white will allow you to add any colors you want to give your kitchen a “fresh” look. A black and white kitchen appears minimal, but is ideal if you prefer cooking with fresh ingredients and using flowers throughout to add life and color to the room.

Bright Lights

Implementing bright, large lights into your kitchen will add a “wow” factor to the room, giving you the lighting you need to see while cooking and ensuring you are able to get the most out of the space.

Mosaic Tiles

Using modern white, black and even brown mosaic tiles to create a backsplash in your kitchen is a current trend that is becoming more popular with each year. You can also have mosaic tiles custom-made to fit any color scheme you want to implement into your kitchen area.

Gourmet Kitchens

Implementing a large bar for cooking, sitting and even for your kitchen sink is a modern trend for the space in 2013. Adding a bar to the center of your kitchen can reduce the amount of table and counter space you may need otherwise.

Farmhouse Themes

Using a deep cast-iron sink will help to give you more washing space for dishes and kitchen gadgets while also giving the room a bit of flair and a seaside or farmhouse theme.


Choose sinks and kitchen appliances that are compact and allow you to easily wash dishes, gadgets and any other kitchen-related item without issue. Choose a sink that is minimalist, complete with lever handles and a 360-degree swivel spout for quick access without the hassle of struggling.

Contemporary Kitchens

Utilizing wooden floors, tiles and even wooden cabinets along with stainless steel appliances is also a way to add color and a variety of themes to your kitchen this year.

Softer Countertops

Using neutral or quartz countertops will help to give you a software, more modern appearance while you are using the kitchen or even entertaining guests.

Keeping it Neutral

Keeping your kitchen neutral with browns, beige, white and black shades is ideal if you prefer to change the decor in the space throughout the year. Red-browns, off-whites and variations of brown and beige are also useful colors to implement in a neutral kitchen space.

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