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Top 5 Fall Design Trends

This fall season brings a wide array of design trends for the home. Everything from bold colors to rich textures and unique collectibles are topping the list of the most popular home decor options for the upcoming season. Create a cozy retreat with these top five design trends for fall.

The Curated Look

The most desirable design trend for the fall is the ‘curated look’. It allows the homeowner to display their hobbies and passions through treasures they’ve collected over time. Elements can include pictures, artwork, and other collectibles. The diverse pieces should be combined together with a common color or texture to give the room a cohesive look. Display a gallery of pictures in various frames on a living room wall, arrange an assortment of antiques on a hutch in the dining room, or exhibit a collection of favorite paintings in a powder room. The goal is to allow each room to tell a story about the homeowner’s lifestyle and personal experiences.

Neutrals Mixed With Texture

In the past, the fall season has been all about bold colors and rich patterns. This year the look is a little more subtle, with varying textures adding interest to the design. Settle on pieces with a similar color tone, such as white or beige, and add contrast with different textures such as 3-D wall art, embossed wallpaper, and soft pillows and blankets.

Stark Contrast

Another popular trend this year is mixing soft hues with bold and distinct accents in black and white. The high contrast gives a space a contemporary look, with clean colors breaking up the room and bringing it to life. To experiment with this design, accent a room with pictures matted in white frames or place loose items in black wicker baskets. Go even further by painting a wall black or dark gray and accent with bright hues like orange and yellow.

Americana Design

Traditional, handmade pieces combine with vintage accessories to create an Americana-styled room. This classic look has made a strong comeback this fall, with farmhouse dining tables, bold red walls, and plaid fabrics topping the list of ways to achieve the style. Pair tailored linens with traditional furnishings for an elegant yet understated look. To be a bit more daring, accent the room with bold geometric patterns in the traditional red, white, and blue color scheme.

Daring Wallpaper

Wallpaper is seeing a huge resurgence in popularity this season, with bold patterns leading the way. Add a touch of pattern with bookshelves lined in graphic wallpaper, or go all the way with wallpapering an entire room. Be sure to place solid-colored furniture and accent pieces in the room so that they aren’t competing with the wallpaper.

The design possibilities for the upcoming season are truly endless. Experiment with new textures, personalize with treasured antiques, and take risks with bold patterns and colors. Create a space that is perfect for you and makes entertaining fun for the holidays.

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