Top 7 Questions To Ask Your Kitchen Designer

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms to remodel for both aesthetic and practical purposes. This is a big endeavor, but is worth the money spent if it is done wisely. When you hire your kitchen designer, you should ask about her credentials and get references. Communication cannot stop there, however. You should pose several questions. 

How Much Money Will This Cost?

It sounds obvious, but in the excitement that arises when planning a new kitchen, this question is often forgotten. The cost must be transparent so that you can budget appropriately. You need to know exactly how much the designer will charge for her services as well as the price tag on each new design feature. Do not be hesitant to speak up if something feels too expensive or out of your price range. Your project budget should be the first thing discussed.

Can You Estimate How Much Time This Remodel Will Take?

A professional designer should be able to can give you an estimated completion date. You can also ask her to let you know of issues that may cause delays.

What are my Brand/Manufacturer Options?

Whether this question is regarding new tiles, new cabinets or new appliances, you should not be limited to one manufacturer. Ask the designer for her expert opinion on the best source for tiles, drapes, countertops and other features that will be used in the kitchen design.

What are the Benefits of Using This Material versus This other Material?

A designer may suggest a quartz countertop over granite or vice versa. You should feel free to ask about the benefits of one over the other. Is it easier to clean? Is it more durable? Are there less expensive options that would offer the same benefits? These are examples of questions to ask.

Is This Particular Design Trend Expected to Last?

Some design styles have reappeared frequently over the past few decades. Natural stone countertops or copper cookware are examples of features that tend towards timelessness. Other features, such as the burnt orange and avocado green colors of the 70’s, tend to lose popularity within a few years. If your kitchen designer is encouraging you to go with the newest trends, consider it with care. Never agree to something that you do not feel comfortable with, no matter how trendy a designer says it is.

What Are the Most Energy-Efficient, Eco-Friendly Design styles?

Everything from the kitchen windows to the appliances can make a difference regarding energy costs and environmental friendliness. Your designer should be able to direct you to materials, brands, and features that give your new kitchen a green seal of approval.

What Kitchen Features Can Increase My Home’s Resale Value?

Kitchen flooring, countertops, cabinetry and custom features can all affect your home’s appeal to buyers. Although a designer is not a realtor, she likely keeps up with market trends, and she may be able to tell which features and which design styles are popular selling points.

Communicating with your kitchen designer is vital. It is the best way to make sure you are both on the same page throughout the project. Professional designers will welcome this communication and even encourage it.

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