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Top Kitchen Trends to Avoid

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, chances are that you’ve checked out a lot of websites, Pinterest boards, and watched television programs to find current trends to bring a cool, contemporary feel to your kitchen.

Today’s trends, however, can turn into tomorrow’s regrets. A trendy kitchen in the 1970s, for example, would include avocado green and gold colors, dark cabinets, and laminate countertops. Avoiding certain current trends can give your kitchen a timeless appeal that won’t date itself in just a few years.Some of the worst culprits of recent years are:Farmhouse sinksAt the beginning of the decade, it seemed like everybody wanted apron-front kitchen sinks. These nearly bathtub-sized sinks are waning in popularity in favor of more traditional options.

Colorful Appliances

While appliance manufacturers might maintain that bright red, white, and other colored appliances are the “new stainless steel”, standard stainless steel is still the best choice for maintaing a neutral feel in a kitchen.

Kitchen Desks

It used to be popular to include a small desk space in a countertop to store cookbooks, home phones, and as a place to pay bills. Because cell-phones and computers have replaced nearly all of these, you should opt instead for counter space that you can actually use for cooking and storage.
Kitchen Desks
Tiled Counters

Nobody is sure why tiled counters came back into popularity recently. Though tiles are more affordable than materials like copper, granite, or quartz, most homeowners don’t realize how difficult tiled counters are to clean. No matter how tight the grout lines on a tile counter are, they are a pain to clean.

A quartz slab is expensive, but it’s a valuable investment that’s more attractive, and infinitely easier to clean.

Over-the-Range Microwaves

While an over-the-range microwave can save a little bit of space, the reality is, they are often installed too high for many family members to reach them. If you consider the visual and ergonomic problems that an over-the-range microwave can bring, it makes more sense to either place your microwave on the countertop, or opt for a special microwave drawer in the countertop itself.

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