Under Cabinet Lighting Guide

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Under cabinet lighting is one of the most noteworthy feature that makes your dream kitchen stand out from the rest of the rooms. It also provides efficient lighting for the countertops making it easy for you to prepare your food effectively. There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to under cabinet lighting. With our Under Cabinet Lighting Guide, we are going to guide you through each one of them.

Fluorescent and LED

Choosing between fluorescent and LED lighting solely depends on you. Fluorescent lights are more energy efficient compared to LED. Furthermore, they give off little heat while on. On the other hand, LED lights are known to be the most energy efficient option and more dimmable. However, they release a lot of heat to the surrounding. LEDs can last for 50,000 hours without requiring replacement. If you want something energy efficient and inexpensive, go for Fluorescent lights. On the other hand, go for LEDs if you want something durable and energy efficient.

Style of the Fixture

The next point of Under Cabinet Lighting Guide is the lighting style. The style of the fixture is split into Puck and Linear. Linear under cabinet lighting provides consistent and well distributed lighting across the entire countertop. They also eliminate shadows. Puck under cabinet lighting is more focused at creating pools of lights at specific regions in the kitchen. When it comes to choosing between the two, either type works just fine.

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Recessed and Mounted Lighting

Choosing between recessed and surface mounted under cabinet lights can be very difficult. I often hear some people claiming that mounted cabinet lights make the kitchen unattractive because of the fixtures. This is completely wrong because most recessed lights fixtures are so minute such that you have to bend over to the cabinet to see them. In this case, I go with mounted cabinet lights because you don’t need to occasionally strain to put it into place.

Plugin and Battery Operated Under Cabinet Lighting

A plugin under cabinet lighting requires you to use a cord to connect from an electrical socket or any other source of electricity. Battery operated lighting will only require few batteries to operate. Choosing between the two options depends on the circuit outlay of your kitchen. If your cabinet is located far away from the sockets, then you might consider battery operated lighting. If you have a socket situated near the kitchen cabinets, you can go for plugin lighting.Experts from fort myers cabinetry or its variants can help you with installation of such lightings in case you are afraid to do so.

Note that the buying process solely depends on your financial capability and preference. The kitchen layout might also make an impact. Also, you can contact fort myers cabinetry or its variants for assistance.

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