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Unique Cabinet Hardware Jewelry for Your Kitchen

Door knobs are to kitchen cabinets what earrings are to formally dressed women. They are the little finishing touches that wrap an ambiance up like a pretty red bow. And just as any pair of earrings, bracelet or necklace won’t fit every outfit, neither will any knob, handle or other forms of hardware look right in every kitchen.

Not only is the cabinet hardware the last thing added to a newly built or renovated kitchen, but it is also the last thing people think about. This doesn’t mean that these items are unimportant, however. Without them, the room will be incomplete. A kitchen is essentially naked if it’s missing its jewelry.What is the purpose of cabinet hardware?

These are all of the items that dress up and add function to kitchen cabinets and drawers. Knobs and handles help to open doors while hinges allow the door to swing open in the first place. Under cabinet hooks are a decorative way to increase storage capacity while keeping the most commonly used utensils and pots at arms length. Latches, on the other hand, serve as a traditional way to keep doors closed.

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Select the right material that will fit the style of the kitchen.

Homeowners may be less inclined to dress rustic wood doors with glass knobs, just as a country girl may opt against wearing diamond bangles with her jeans and flannel. Mixing decorative styles like these simply doesn’t work (unless you prefer clashing decor). To keep all pieces in sync, be sure that the hardware is made of the same material as the cabinets. If they are a different material, be sure that they are at least complimentary.

Common hardware materials include plastic, different types of metal and glass. Wood may also be used but is less typical.

Do you have light marble counter tops and white cabinets? Enhance the warm, bright appearance of this room with brass hardware and matching sink fixtures. Stainless steel, on the other hand, will pair nicely with dark wood furnishings.

Hardware Jewelry for Your Kitchen: Size and color also matter.

The number of options may be overwhelming, and these choices increase due to size and color preferences. Large knobs may overwhelm tiny cabinets. Also, in addition to sophisticated, modern and traditional choices are novelty items. For instance, parents who want to create a fun living environment for their children may choose knobs shaped like Disney characters or fun shapes.

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