Using LED Lighting in Your Kitchen

LED lighting is fast becoming a popular option in American homes for both decorative and functional applications. Its low-voltage properties make it efficient, cost-effective, and easy to adapt to any home’s existing electrical system. In the kitchen LED lighting is especially useful.

For example, in many older homes the kitchen sink is surrounded by plenty of cabinetry. Not only does this type of design make the sink area feel closed in, it also limits the amount of light the area is exposed to. A single overhead lamp is often the only light source available for food preparation or doing dishes.

Adding a few LED strips is a great way to brighten up the sink area and add style at the same time. The strips can be attached with very little effort to the ceiling, facia, or overhead soffits. With the addition of the extra lighting working at the sink no longer has to be gloomy.

LED lights are a great addition to counter tops for an extra touch of modern flair. Consider a counter top that extends slightly beyond the face of the cabinetry below. It provides a perfect surface underneath to which LED strips can be attached. The wiring can be run through the cabinetry to be kept out of sight. Imagine a soft glow of blue, amber, or green gently lighting the edge of your counter tops.

A kitchen with an island or bar can be made to look ultra modern and sleek in the same way. The key is to find the right color LED lights that match the overall look of the kitchen. Wiring for an island or bar can be a little more challenging, so that needs to be taken into consideration.

Lastly, adding LED light strips along the underside of a toe kick adds both beauty and an extra measure of safety. When lights are dim during the evening hours, having the soft glow of an LED light strip makes it easier for family members to navigate the kitchen without running into counter tops and appliances.

LED lighting in the kitchen is a great investment for your home. Whether for functional or aesthetic purposes, you get a lot of value for very little money.

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