Using the Hottest Color Trend in Your Bathroom: Gray-dreamstime_s_27312964

Using the Hottest Color Trend in Your Bathroom: Gray

Although beige was one of the most popular colors to use in homes in the 2000s, gray is now the latest shade to embrace for a contemporary look that is updated and modern. Gray makes for an ideal and safe choice for any type of bathroom because it won’t look outdated in future years and can easily be paired with other complementing colors. It can be easy to become tired of bathrooms that are bold or have bright colors, making gray a great option that can be dressed up or down. To create a stunning gray bathroom that is done your way, there are a few styles to incorporate gray into.

Rustic and Worn Country Styles
Rustic and Worn Country Styles

Those who enjoy spending time in a bathroom that has a touch of rustic charm and country accents can use a darker shade of gray on their cabinets underneath the sink. The gray paint can be sanded to make it appear worn and old for a style that is imperfect and cozy. A lighter shade of gray can also be used on the walls to match for a professionally decorated space.

Modern and Sleek Designs

Gray shades are also just as popular for modern bathrooms that are meant to look sleek and sophisticated. Gray tones can be used on the backsplash tiles behind the kitchen sink and in the shower with jeweled tones that are extremely cool and refreshing. Pair it with modern fixtures and a marble countertop for an eye-catching style that looks regal in the home.

Contemporary and Cozy Styles

Anyone who wants to enjoy having a contemporary and cozy bathroom that feels like home can incorporate various shades of gray to bring some warmth into the space. Use a medium gray on the walls and pair it with gray tiles on the floor to create a uniform look. The contemporary bathroom can have additional accents with black, white, and red shades for a safe look that is classy. Unlike other styles the room won’t look too unique or eclectic but will be appealing to most of your guests due to the neutral shades and decor.

Incorporate Extra Gray Patterns and Prints

For those who desire to have an all-gray bathroom, it’s important to balance out the color with different gray patterns to add extra detail that doesn’t allow the room to look bland or boring. Consider adding chevron towels that hang next to the shower or even striped gray wallpaper on an accent wall for the ultimate statement. Using various patterns of gray will add extra texture to the bathroom and will help to keep the space interesting for a high level of design that isn’t too flat or underwhelming.

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