What are the Current Popular Interior Design Styles



Your interior is an integral part of your home, and your choice of decor and furnishings define its look. Nowadays, achieving the desired look and feel in your home is easy. 

Whether you perfer a minimalist, rustic, traditional, or even Scandinavian home decor style, you can consistently achieve this and more. In most interior design styles, you can use simple yet unique fixtures like cabinets, closets, and countertops to create a consistent style within your home.

At Cabinet Genies, we understand this too well. We offer a wide assortment of unique cabinets in Southwest FL, and we want you to learn about the different home decor styles. These include:

1. Contemporary Style with Solid Wood Cabinets

Contemporary style is one of the interior design styles that keeps evolving. It borrows from different time periods but is designed to last. 

Contemporary design decor is all about clean, curved lines and natural materials. It focuses on quality, and solid wood cabinets will help achieve this. They will create additional storage space and add to the classy look and feel.

Get all wood Cabinet Genies pieces, and play around with the finishes. You can go for paint, stain, glaze, or brushed finish to complement other decor pieces in your home.

2. Bauhaus Styles Incorporating Custom Kitchen Cabinets

When we talk of Bauhaus style, probably what rings in your mind is sundry armchairs featuring black leather or steel. However, you do not have to be limited by the conventional neutral color common with Bauhaus decorating styles.

 A few custom kitchen cabinets will make your interiors stand out. Decorate them with a bit of color to achieve a timeless appeal. Moreover, customize your cabinets to different shapes depending on the existing home decor styles.

3. Rustic Look With Stunning Bathroom Shelves

The rustic style combines natural elements and simplicity. In most homes, it is common to spot a traditional fireplace that acts as the focal point. Although this works, there is much you can do to spruce up the look with interior design styles. Add shelving to your space - these wooden shelves will create a cozy feeling and sophistication associated with modern decorating styles.

Install some shelving units in your bath space and increase your storage space. Our shelves and drawers are made of Tafisa, popular for its green properties and performance. Moreover, you can choose from different Cabinet Genies finishes to create a harmonized blend of color.

4. Eclectic Living Room With Colorful Wall Cabinetry

An eclectic living room is an interior design style that suits different spaces. It is ideal for anyone who loves experimenting with different embellishments and colors. It incorporates various fabrics, patterns, and decor items such as art items, rugs, paintings, and more. These bring about a mismatch to your space, making it look unique.

Eclectic decorating styles help achieve that culturally rich living room, which would not be complete without closets! Different closet sizes in varied finishes will add to the pop in most home decor styles. Fix cabinets strategically on your walls to act as a focal point and bring the best out of your space.

5. Minimalist Style With Geometric Cabinet Shapes

Minimalist style is simplistic and is characterized by a monochromatic palette. It combines an open floor plan with lots of light and functional furniture. Most minimalist styles focus on neutral colors.

Use different cabinets to store unnecessary items and achieve that uncluttered feel. Go for geometrical cabinet shapes and simple finishes; for the colors, choose white, black, or wood tones for enhanced elegance.




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Are you seeking to adopt unique interior design styles in your Florida home? Make your space stand out with different decor styles, from minimalist closets to eclectic cabinets and rustic shelving. Contact us to learn more!


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