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Why Hire a Certified NKBA Designer?


In today’s economy, most people in the process of remodeling their home choose to do as much as they can themselves. That’s understandable, but it means that plenty of people don’t even consider hiring a certified NKBA designer to help remodel their kitchen or bathroom. That’s a shame, because for most people, the positive far outweighs the negative.The CostLet’s start with the fact that the amount of money spent on a designer is usually far less than people think. For the average kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, hiring a professional designer takes up only about four percent of the expected budget. Considering everything a certified designer can bring to a project, that tiny bit extra is well worth it.

In the long run, hiring a designer could even save you money. Designers know how to get the most things done at the lowest cost, so following their advice could help you get better deals on materials and labor from other workers.

The Benefits

You may have a vision in your mind of what you want your completed room to look like, but a certified NKBA designer has the expertise to know how to translate that into a reality. Better yet, they will be able to take your vision and think of ways to improve it, both aesthetically and practically.

These designers have learned how to use the space in a room to make it functional and elegant. Even if you have a pretty solid idea of the look you want, they will be able to make suggestions you hadn’t even considered, suggestions that can make your new bathroom feel roomier. Their ability to think outside the box will come in handy as you search for a budget-friendly way to revamp your home.

The Qualifications

If you are interested in a designer, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. One way to do that is by making sure you hire one with an NKBA certification. That means your designer has gone through extensive testing to verify that they know their stuff.

A designer must fulfill several requirements to get their NBKA certification. For one thing, they need to have at least seven years’ experience in kitchen and bathroom design and must udergo rigorous testing to prove their knowledge of the field. They must also conform to specific health and safety standards put forth by the NBKA.

All these requirements together ensure that the designer you hire to do the job will not be a novice. Their expertise and experience can help create a functional, safe new look for the room within your available budget. While there are certainly non-certified designers who are capable of meeting these qualifications, hiring one through NKBA lets you be certain.


While there are plenty of home projects you can do on your own, you could end up saving time, energy, and even money by hiring a professional to redesign your bathroom or kitchen. This is one remodeling investment that is more than worth the cost.

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