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Wilsonart HD: The Look of Granite Without the Price


Wilsonart HD is a laminate surface suitable for countertops, sinks, kitchen islands, and other household uses. It offers the advantages of low price, light weight, and a wide range of brilliant colors, as well as a scratch resistance and durability, unmatched by natural stones and ceramics.

Natural stones are enjoying a surge of popularity as building materials for kitchens and bathrooms, and it’s easy to see why. The colors and textures of stone form an endless palette of possibilities for home décor, matching woods and textiles to form a complete, pleasing look.

Unfortunately, natural stone also has certain disadvantages. Despite its reputation for strength and long life, it is surprisingly vulnerable to staining, chipping and cracking. In answer to this problem, a legion of laminate products have come out offering the look of the real thing with improved performance.

Wilsonart HD is a laminate that is indistinguishable from real stone except that it lasts longer and better. Customers who have had granite countertops permanently stained by fruit juice or chipped by a hard object can take heart: Wilsonart HD is made for you. This surface easily wipes clean, resists abrasion and looks beautiful even after many years of use.

Wilsonart HD is perfect for those who want to keep costs and weights down. It costs only a small fraction of the price of real stone, and it adds very little to the total weight of a structure.

Though many products are making similar claims, a glance at their catalogs will show that their selection of colors falls far short of Wilsonart’s. The stone and tile patterns in the Wilsonart HD catalog look realistic and are richer and more varied than those of Formica FX and other competitors. Wilsonart products have a sense of depth that looks more like real stone than a mere surface.

Laminates are not crystalline, so they do not have the brittleness of stone. They are not prone to chip or scratch. The porousness that makes granite and other stones susceptible to staining by dark liquids is not present in laminates, so mild soaps and detergents are sufficient to clean them. Hairline scratches will eventually make granite look dull and hazy, but that will never happen with a laminate.

Combine these advantages with the superior color, depth and richness of Wilsonart HD, and it’s obvious that this is the smart choice for homeowners.

Check out the Wilsonart HD Room Visualizer

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