Closet Design Process

Every type of closet should have more purpose than just to hold things in a cluttered up, disorganized mess. It should keep contents organized and secure as well. You should not have to take everything out to find what you are looking for. To get the most out of your closet, there is a design process to follow.

Step 1: Determine Your Needs and Create a Budget

The whole design of your closet is dependent on what you want to store in it and how much you expect to have. A bedroom closet has a different design than a pantry closet. Your lifestyle also plays a part. In figuring up a budget, think about the organization you need. You should also consider whether you want professional installation, do-it-yourself kit, or a combination.

Step 2: Creating a Layout Design

The layout you choose should fit your specific lifestyle and storage needs. For example, bedroom closets can include drawers and wire racks to store smaller items and keep them easily accessible. Panty closets can include pull out wire bins for vegetables and a variety of shelves with different depths. Part of choosing a layout includes taking exact measurements. You need to measure the door opening, depth and width, and return walls. Take multiple measurements of the same area and sue the smallest one.

Step 3: Flooring and Lighting

Once you have gotten all of the major planning out of the way, you can start personalizing. Choose the type(s) and colors of materials for everything from flooring to walls. Carpeting is ideal for walk-in closets but wood, tile, or linoleum is easier to clean in reach-in closets and pantries. Lighting should be chosen as well. Fluorescent lighting is ideal and does not create dangerous heat that can lead to a fire in an enclosed space.

Step 4: Doors

Your final personalization will be the type of door you choose. There are a variety of options including accordion doors, pocket doors, bi- and tri-fold doors, and standard doors that swing open. Think about the layout of the closet and adjoining room when choosing a door. Some people opt to eliminate using a door, either leaving it open or adding curtains.

Ultimately, the closet design process will be somewhat the same overall but there will be a lot of things that will differ for each person depending on individual needs. The whole process may also be quicker or more detailed depending on whether you are working with an existing closet or building new ones.

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