Closet Fixtures & Accessories

Many times closets come in a one size fits all style. Amazingly most people have different needs when using a closet effectively. A closet should be matched to the person who uses it in order for it to work efficiently and effectively as an easily accessible storage area.

Closets store clothes yet many people simply think of hanging their clothes on a bar and that is the end of their thought. Accessories for those close need to be readily viewable in order to make matching your outfit with the proper accoutrements and shoes a quick and easy process, not a chore.Today there are many storage solutions to aid in making an effective display of accessories within a closet for easy viewing. One of the most important accessories is your shoes. A tilted shoe rack can be placed at the bottom of the closet for easy viewing. For those who have more shoes and need more space there are now door hangers which fit on the inside of the closet door and shoes are placed within the clear plastic pouches for easy viewing.Belts are another accessory which should be matched to the basic outfit and should be stored in the closet. People used to store belts on wire hangers which would, over time, bend under the weight of the belts. Today there are hangers made specifically to handle the weight of belts. They are round and can be opened between any two belts to make selection and removal fast and easy.Hats are still popular. No longer are hats stored in small hat boxes stacked at the top of a closet. While a tilted shoe rack at the bottom of a closet will do for shoes, one really must store hats in the top of the closet. A tilted shoe rack can be used for this purpose and will make your hats easy to view in order to select the perfect match for any outfit.Every woman should have several purses to match several basic styles of outfit. Cluttering up a closet with purses may sound inefficient and it is. Hooks on the side wall of the closet will make storing and accessing purses easy as well as cleaning up the clutter. Hooks can be either permanent or temporary. Permanent hooks are fastened into the wall with screws and will stay in the same place. Temporary hooks use adhesive and can be removed at will. If you regularly add to or completely change your purses then adhesive hooks may be your best option. If you keep the same number of purses and just change them out occasionally then permanent hooks would be the solution for you.

In today’s fast paced world there are solutions for making life easier. Organizing your closet for efficiency is a simple solution which will pay great dividends in making the start of your day an enjoyable experience.

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