Closet Layout Essentials

Mornings are difficult enough without having to root through your closet for the day’s wardrobe. Your closet’s layout, then, can play a significant part in your morning. But here are some ways to make your morning a little more seamless (because we can’t control the temperature of your coffee or whether your alarm clock is set.

The first step is to determine what’s currently in your closet to sort it into four categories: keep, store, donate, and toss. The first category is the current season’s wardrobe, including essential pieces you use year-round. The second category is seasonal clothing that you won’t need for months. If it’s spring, for example, put the heavy coats and sweaters in storage. As for the third, any clothing that are no longer worn or that don’t fit should be donated; if they are badly damaged, they should go in the fourth category.The second step is to get an idea of what kind of closet space you’re working with. If you have a single-pole closet, you should consider installing a second pole to better sort shirts, pants, and skirts. For the single-pole closet, consider buying color-coded hangers to sort your shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, and long coats. For either single- or double-pole closets, avoid wire hangers, since they warp your clothes and can damage fabric. In addition to the rods, note how you can best use your shelving. High shelving is best for storing out-of-season clothes (consider using vacuum bags to make the most of this space). You should also make sure to have a folding stepping stool handy in order to reach those shelves on short notice, if need be. If you have room for rows of shelving, you should consider purchasing small bins for those items that might be easily lost, like scarves or belts.As is the case with many people, you will likely find that you don’t have enough floor space for shoes. Investing in shoe racks can save time and money. Since your shoes will be spared from being stacked on top of each other, they will be less likely be to be warped or bent.Lastly, you should plan out where each category of clothing or linen will be placed. Once you have sorted all of the items, you should take note of where the difficult-to-see areas of the closet are, then purchase adhesive LED touch-lights in order to make the search for clothing easier, since it is rare for closets to be properly lit. Be sure to store your clothing before selecting the locations of your touch-lights so you don’t place lights in spots that will be obscured by items in the closet, particularly since the adhesive might be difficult to remove!

Though this planning does take some time, think of it as an investment that will pay off when, moving forward, you no longer have to fumble around your closet to find what you want to wear.

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