Custom Closet Systems for Your Home

Do you know that satisfying feeling of walking into your closet and seeing everything perfectly organized and in its place? No? Well, that means you haven’t called Cabinet Genies for a closet remodel yet. We’ve been serving satisfied home and commercial customers in the Lee, Charlotte, and Collier County areas of Florida for over 35 years. Nothing makes us happier than the look of amazement on our clients’ faces when we present a highly functional and beautiful Custom Closet Design where there was once a disorganized jumble of belongings.

Custom Designed Closets to Fit Your Needs

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, Cabinet Genies is excited to help you achieve the closets of your dreams. From a full-room size closet to small wall closets or pantries, your wish is our command. Our award-winning designers can make even small closets feel elegant and expansive with their vision for simply beautiful design with a focus on the efficient use of space.

Walk-In Closets

Even a walk-in closet can feel cramped or disorganized if it doesn’t accommodate your belongings in the right way. Perhaps you attend many formal functions and need space for evening gowns. Most traditional walk-in closets don’t have adequate hanging space for long dresses. If you love to accessorize, you may need jewelry drawers as well as areas for hats, belts or handbags.

Wall or Reach-In Closets

You don’t have to have an endless budget or a huge room to get a custom closet from Cabinet Genies. We do all types of closets within a wide range of budgets. If you’ve recently downsized or just purchased a starter home, you can still get features that give you the organization and usability you crave without taking up a lot of space. After we install our custom closet system, you may find that you can accommodate much more in your new closet than you ever did in your old walk-in closet.

Pantry Closets

A custom pantry can almost pay for itself when you can see what you have. No more wasting time digging around for that missing ingredient you know you have but can’t find or wasting money on items that expire because they are pushed behind other things vying for space. Cooking will be a pleasure again when you can easily store and retrieve everything you need within reach. When you see our designs and finishes, you may never want to close the door on your pantry again.

Hi-End Closets

If an oasis is what you expect from your closet, that is what you’ll have when you work with the Cabinet Genies design team. Elegant lighting, an island console, and pull-out shelves are only the beginning. We can design storage to your specifications for shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, and much more. Give us your wish list and your budget, and let us build the hi-end closet of your dreams.

What You Can Expect from Cabinet Genies

Envisioning your new closets should be a fun experience. Our goal is to not only give you the design that will work best for you but also to do it in a manner that includes you in the process. The more we know about you and the more you can visualize the items on your wishlist, the happier you’ll be in the end.


Whether your perfect closet design is simple or elaborate, large or small, it will always be beautiful and elegant. We offer solid wood construction in an array of finishes, hardware, and combinations to fit any budget or taste.


From the smallest closets to the largest, we go to great lengths to understand the way you live so that we can optimize the functionality of your space. We love to make your life work better for you and to do it in style.

Quality Closet Materials

From our designs to our products, we strive to provide every client with the same quality results that we would expect for our own home or office. After all, since our work speaks for itself, we want it to communicate pride in craftsmanship.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Cabinet Genies, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Using our proprietary software, award-winning design team, and our process of working closely with our clients, we have kept our customers happy with their closets for 35 years.

Closets should reflect the life you live. If you teach yoga, you would probably want a different design than someone who goes into a boardroom each day. The good news is that no matter what details you need your closet to have to be useful for you, we can make it happen.

Whether you are building a new home, renovating your existing home, or needing help to make your closets functional, for Custom Closet Design, Closet Genies is here to help. Contact us online or give us a call at (239) 458-8563 to get started today. Located in Cape Coral Florida

Photo by romakoma