Custom Outdoor Kitchens Near Cape Coral, FL

Build A Patio KitchenCreate an outdoor experience for your family and an unmatched gathering area for parties and special events at your home. Discover how a custom outdoor kitchen can introduce an entirely new way to prepare food and make memories at your house. Extend your outdoor living space with our quality cabinetry, appliances and award-winning designs today. Reimagine your outdoor space to include a comfortable gathering area and convenient grill-top.

Our Cabinetry

The foundation of any kitchen design is cabinetry, and outdoor kitchens are no exception. Work with premier cabinet designers for quality products. Discover the differences between indoor and outdoor cabinets and find out how you can enjoy industry-leading designs at a great price.

At Cabinet Genies, we work with only the best cabinetry options for your home and outdoor living space. Compare these beautiful brands to discover how we can design and install a personalized outdoor kitchen at your home:

  • NatureKast
  • Challenger Designs
  • Weatherstrong
  • Seaboard Cabinetry

Similar to interior cabinets, outdoor cabinets need to withstand years of use without showing signs of wear. Quality cabinets are made with quality materials and iconic, timeless designs. Expand your horizons and create your dream outdoor kitchen design with extensive material, finish, color and hardware options.

Outdoor cabinets require unique considerations as well. Unlike indoor cabinets, your exterior kitchen needs to withstand temperature and moisture changes without warping, cracking or otherwise becoming compromised. Innovative material and installation choices help your outdoor cabinets to last season after season, year after year.

Compare custom cabinets from our providers to define your style and find the best designer for your needs. While we’re proud to support each of our cabinet manufacturers, each one has different features, styles and products. As we work through your outdoor setup, we can assist you in finding the ideal cabinet option to complement your grill and other outdoor features.

Grills and Other Appliances

The centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen is a grill. The natural fire of a grill adds another layer of beauty to your outdoor kitchen and gives you versatile food preparation options. Gather around the grill and make memories with fire-roasted vegetables, mouth-watering steaks and other unforgettable meals.

Our Delta Heat and Twin Eagles grill lines are leaders in the industry. Innovative, modern engineering and quality control ensure a durable, long-lasting grill with accurate temperatures and extensive grilling area. Choose a grill that matches your other appliances and fits the architecture and style of your outdoor space.

Quality Kitchen Designs

Start your design project today to see your dream kitchen come to life. Work with an award-winning designer at Cabinet Genies to learn how your outdoor kitchen can come to life. It all starts with a dream and ends with professionally installed cabinets, appliances and trim details.

Browse our portfolio today to find inspiration for your outdoor kitchen area. Outdoor cooking requires some special considerations, but it can mirror your interior kitchen in terms of design.

Whether you choose a matching kitchen aesthetic or a natural, earthy kitchen area, work with a design team that has successfully created one-of-a-kind designs in your area.

Some outdoor kitchen areas need to blend seamlessly into the existing landscape. Other homeowners choose to use their new kitchen features as the focal point for their landscaping. Either way, work with visual design software to see how your new living area will blend in with your outdoor sitting area, pool, walkway and other outdoor features.

The Design Process

First, we’ll work with you to create a design. Our design consultation is a free, no-obligation service to see your outdoor living space come to life. We use state-of-the-art software to create a 3D rendering of your layout and style choice.

Work through the design with a qualified kitchen designer before you arrive at your dream layout. Next, we’ll discuss a detailed budget analysis to be sure you understand everything that goes into your new outdoor area.
Once approved, our installation team provides a hassle-free installation for full-service support. From dream to reality, work with a leader in luxury products and iconic designs in your area.

We put you at the center of the design process. With custom cabinetry options and dynamic software, feel free to dream up your ideal kitchen area. If you need assistance, our portfolio is a convenient place to turn. Otherwise, take charge of your outdoor design and make an iconic area that matches your lifestyle, your landscape and your style of entertaining.

Enjoy a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen

For over 35 years Cabinet Genies has been a leader in quality designs and installation services in Cape Coral, Florida. Contact us today to learn more about our outdoor cabinets and design services and to receive a free consultation for your home. Extend your living space and create memories cooking outdoors all summer long with your friends and family.