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Distinct – Elegant – Rich

The traditional kitchen embraces classic style with neutral colors and intricate trims. This kitchen will include deep wood tones, architectural details, and is a busier atmosphere than the modern kitchen. It often employs a European flare.


Classic – Neutral – Gentle

The transitional kitchen fully embraces the best of both worlds from the modern and traditional kitchen themes. This kitchen can seamlessly integrate the minimalistic lines and sleekness of the modern kitchen with the intricate woodworked details of the traditional kitchen. For example, it can be built around the natural wood beams in the ceiling while paired with modern day appliances.


Sleek – Sharp – Open

The contemporary kitchen is the representative of the here and now. While it can easily be confused with the modern kitchen this area is more a mixture of modern with industrial accents. Sharp lines, clean open spaces and inset lighting represent the contemporary kitchen. This room is not concerned with being ostentatious in its reception of current technology.


Warm – Open – Worn

The rustic kitchen is charming and appears old world. It makes all usage of warm woods within the furniture, the ceilings, and the countertops. This kitchen is best offset with warm colors and has a homey feeling. Antique appearing faucets and accents are used within the rustic kitchen and exposed beams are often a plus.


Comfort – Open – Natural

A cottage style kitchen is unique in its feminine styling. This room will embrace wickers and stressed worn materials. It is the perfect shabby chic room with floral patterns and will use creams and soft pinks as well as white to offset the other colors. This is a comfortable, lived-in kitchen created with a woman in mind.


Sleek – Clean – Functional

The modern kitchen is sleek and clean. It features stainless steel and bright white lights. This kitchen is created with the latest technology in mind—with appliances that work for you—and yet is minimalistic in its use of space. The modern kitchen usually sports neutral colors in it design plans.


Soft – Airy – Comfort

A coastal kitchen creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for residents and guests alike. This kitchen has open spaces and makes use of neutral colors and light woods. The coastal kitchen is reminiscent of a day at the beach and relies on an uncluttered natural feeling.

Old World

Rich – Bold – Elegant

The old world kitchen will transport you to yesteryear. It is a mixture of European design with modern accents. This kitchen may use marble countertops and relies on metals such as copper to balance the room. The old world kitchen is robust and rustic while using warm, rich colors to enhance the room’s feel.


Rough – Bold – Minimal

Industrial kitchens are noted for the use of rough unfinished spaces. Walls may be stripped down to their basic surface and articles may be made from steel, various metals or wood. This kitchen represents the most basic working form and is minimalist. This kitchen trends towards a manly feel in its stripped bare basics form and may boast a polished cement floor.


Natural – Minimal

Zen rooms are known for fully embracing nature and for the use of soft tones. This is a calming space that needs clean lines and often will have areas for plants to grow and thrive. The lighting in Zen kitchens should be clear and reminiscent of candle lights. These rooms should avoid harsh lighting and anything with an industrial feel.


Form – Function

Scandinavian kitchens are based off of functionality and shape. This is a room where everything has its place and therefore is clean, bar, and modern. Earthy tones are often used in Scandinavian kitchens and these may range from black and white to soft yellow and beige. This area should feature flawless craftsmanship and is an ideal workspace.


Refined – Delicate – Elegant

Chic kitchens are refined rooms that are elegantly stylish instead of the distressed, worn look of the cottage style. These room are glamour and beauty defined. Soft feminine details may be used in this room. Delicate wood trim and baseboards may be employed. Lighting should be soft and natural as to offset this kitchen best.


Aged – Cozy – Functional

The country farmhouse kitchen is often depicted as a busy, bright room. This area makes use of ornamentation, a lot of shelves, and accents. Pendants and sconces are preferred for this space and the room looks best with warm lighting. This room celebrates family and often features large cooking spaces. Old-fashioned porcelain sinks may be a main feature of this area, but they may also use a large basin of stainless steel.


Lively – Earthy

The Mediterranean kitchen is reminiscent of the coast kitchen design, but it hosts livelier colors and patterns. This kitchen should be sunny and offer optimal lighting conditions. Artistic tile work will liven up this room and add a splash of color. Soft yellows, olive greens, and beiges are often employed in the Mediterranean kitchen.


Clean – Simple – Timeless

The shaker kitchen should be considered an austere place. This room boasts no bright colors but instead depends on soft neutral such as oatmeal, beige, and white. It is an elegant room based off of its simplicity. The shaker kitchen truly represent the “less is more” movement.

Whether it is Kitchen RemodelingBathroom Remodeling or to decorate an entire home, our designers can help guide you on your project. With their expertise in home design, they can lead you in the right direction. Cabinet Genies has been serving homeowners in the greater Southwest Florida area for over 40 years now. For overall assistance designing a kitchen or bathroom, give us a call at (239)458-8563.

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All it takes is one step to get started on your new kitchen. It’s easy and with no commitment. Click below to find out how.

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