DIY or Go Pro

When it comes time for home repairs or home remodeling, it can be very tempting just to dive in and handle the changes yourself. But that’s not always a good idea. While some home improvement projects are perfect for the motivated do-it-yourselfer, others require the expertise and experience of a professional. Now the question is, how do you decide which type of project is which? DIY or Go Pro?

The Right DIY Jobs
There are a few circumstances that are pretty straight-forward indicators that DIY is the way to go. These include:

  • It’s a project you have experience with
  • You know how to safely handle the tools involved
  • There is little regulatory oversight
  • You have the patience to get it done in a timely manner
  • You have sufficient skills to properly plan execution and material needs
  • You can withstand the physical labor involved
  • The risk of injury is minimal

Perfect for Pros
When do you want to get a pro on the project? When it involves:

  • Work that you have no experience doing
  • Tools that are pricey to get and only used for this project
  • Special code enforcement compliance requirements
  • Physical exertion that’s unhealthy or unsafe for you
  • Unique safety requirements, such as with electrical work
  • Potentially disasterous consequences if not done correctly
  • A long-term schedule that you can’t work yourself
  • Tools you have no experience working with

Combining Talents
In some cases when hiring a pro is essential, your budget might benefit from combining the work of a pro with some DIY elbow grease. When hiring a licensed contractor, electrician or plumber to work on your project, find out if they can bring down the price if you handle certain aspects of the job. You can consider taking care of:

  • Area prep work
  • Demolition work
  • Clean up
  • Purchasing and loading in of supplies and materials
  • Some of the installation
  • Finishing work such as soldering, painting, sanding and accessory installation

A Little Help From Your Friends
Even if your DIY skills are minimal, you might not have to go all pro to get your project done well and safely. Talk to your friends and see if any of them, or anyone they know, have the skills to help out. They may need some payment, but it could be much less than a contractor would charge. Make sure that you vet the person and the skills on offer–because letting the wrong person help out can result in more expenses.

Your home may be your castle, but even kings benefit from saving money on home repairs. Refining your skills so you can take on more projects yourself is going to be great for your wallet. But knowing when to throw in the towel and call in a pro is also an important money-saving skill to have.

Hopefully, with the above given tips, you got some clarity about “DIY or Go Pro” question.

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