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Reimagine your seasonal getaway or forever home in Estero with Cabinet Genies. Explore our award-winning design services and custom kitchen cabinets in Estero, FL. From a new construction project to a totally transformed existing kitchen, we have the services and products you need for an unforgettable interior design.

Services We Offer in Estero

Your home deserves nothing but the best. Watch the picturesque sunset at your outdoor eating area with a timeless backdrop of elegant cabinets. Here are some of the services we provide to keep your home or vacation unforgettable:

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Collections

We’re proud to offer cabinets, countertops, and fixtures that exceed your expectations. Find out how private label brands offer custom craftsmanship and timeless quality for your kitchen. We offer three distinct collections of custom cabinets for your home.

For a kitchen that makes an impression in Estero and the surrounding area, choose a Platinum Collection kitchen. Fully detailed to match your interior design dreams, these cabinets use either framed construction or full-access construction. The finish materials offer you many colors, patterns, and stain options to match or accent your flooring and other surfaces for a stunning finish.

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Our Cabinetry Collections

The Gold Collection kitchen offers impressive levels of customization for your kitchen. Standard construction offers a durable base, but deluxe plywood is another level of quality for a timeless kitchen. This collection is an excellent balance between affordable prices and stunning designs.

Our Silver Collection kitchen from Cabinet Genies is something to be proud of. Carefully crafted frames and our award-winning designs blend to make a stylish and functional design. Choose between the Aspect, Harbour, or Advantage series of cabinets to match your budget and kitchen design.

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Beautiful Bathroom Cabinets in Estero

Turn to your home’s bathrooms to see how you can take advantage of the same elevated designs and quality materials. We work with you to totally transform your bathroom or add the finishing touches to your calming oasis. Here are a few advantages you can enjoy with our bathroom cabinets and designs in Estero:

  • Warrantied protection
  • Comfortable fixtures and luxurious hardware
  • Custom cabinet designs
  • Elegant design services

From a new vanity to a complete bathroom organization system, find out how we can take a cramped bathroom or an outdated decor, and create your new favorite room. A few minor touches can bring it all together, while a total transformation can add value and comfort to your home.

Outstanding Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

An outdoor living area is a must-have feature in the warm, comfortable climate of Estero. Create a space where guests linger, and family members can visit and relax late into the evening. Our outdoor kitchen designs use quality cabinet materials that can be used outside. Don’t let moisture and temperature issues damage your exterior eating and cooking area, but work with our team to receive these outdoor kitchen services:

  • Exterior-rated cabinets to protect your investment
  • Convenient designs to encourage a natural flow
  • Color and texture options to match your landscaping
  • Appliances to easily cook all your favorite dishes

Creative Closet Systems

Don’t let a crowded closet cause you embarrassment. If you’re tempted to hide a closet or avoid entering it, then transform your storage space with our complete closet systems. We carefully measure your closet and create an organizational system that works for your items regardless of its size.

Timeless Designs for Your Personality

Homes in Estero are all charming in their own way. Work with our talented design team to discuss your kitchen inspirations and how you wish to reimagine your space. Here are the services we offer for your next project:

  • Layout and planning: Walk through the optimal configuration for your kitchen that combines style, functionality, and personality. Our designers discuss the ideal walkways and traffic flow and incorporate your ideas for a unique interior design
  • Budget analysis: Detailed analysis of each budget item gives you a clear sense of the project’s scope. Go into your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project with your eyes open to avoid hidden costs or surprise expenses.
  • 3D renderings: A flat drawing may be hard to visualize, so bring your new room to life with the latest design software. We offer colored 3D renderings to help you better imagine how it will all come together.

These services are fully personalized for your specific project. We won’t move forward with your kitchen or bathroom project until you’re completely satisfied with the layout, material choice, and other features. Not sure where to start? We welcome you with an easy form to fill out describing remodeling goals. We offer our award-winning services for a range of rooms, project sizes, and budgets, so work with us to see how we can help you make your dreams come true. After the initial information, we schedule a consultation to learn more about your home, personality, and remodeling goals. From there, we can create detailed drawings and 3D renderings to help you get a clear view of our ideas. You’re totally in charge of your remodeling project, so feel free to alter and adjust the plan to fit your home.

Design and Financing Options

The sheer range of available services can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer award-winning design services to help you navigate all your options. Schedule a consultation to discuss your kitchen or bathroom goals. Your personal design team works with you to create a budget, select cabinets, and countertop options. You’ll enjoy a 3D rendering of your dream kitchen to explore and edit before any work is performed in your home. When you’re ordering a custom kitchen, make sure it’s professionally designed and perfectly matches your goals for your home.

Looking to improve the value of your home but concerned about financing? We offer financing options for homeowners looking to invest in their Bonita Springs property. Find out if you can qualify for up to $65,000 in kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor kitchen improvements through our financing partner, with low fixed rates for greater peace of mind.


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Stop by our showroom to get a taste of our stunning designs and quality products. Our entry-level cabinets still offer a great way to improve the value of your home. Our Platinum Collection of cabinets are at the pinnacle of custom kitchen design, so you can be confident you have a home that is truly unique.

Ask a designer today about transforming your home. Find out how kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Estero, FL, can bring your entire home to a new level. Welcome guests into a beautiful environment or create a vacation property you can call your second home. At Cabinet Genies, we’re committed to providing you with a totally transformed kitchen or bathroom, from the initial conversation to the finishing touches.

Read our reviews to see for yourself how we bring these valus to every design and installation project in Florida. Whether you need a single bathroom cabinet to bring your design together or a complete home makeoever, turn to Cabinet Genies for elevated and uncompromising quality.

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