Kitchen & Bathroom Design Services

At Cabinet Genies, we are dedicated to providing you our design services with the highest quality, most ergonomic, and aesthetic designs possible.

Kitchen Design Services

Kitchen Design Services

If you are looking for a kitchen design layout, at Cabinet Genies, our experienced designer can design a layout that is both stylish and functional. We pride ourselves on offering our customers free kitchen design services, accompanied by 3d kitchen design renderings with our innovative 20/20 Software. With our impeccable customer service and in-house design team, you can work with us to create your dream kitchen, bath, or even custom pieces.

Bathroom Design Services

Bathroom Design Services

We can provide a design and a price quote no matter what stage you are at in the bathroom renovation process. You may be at the very beginning stages with just your measurements and a cabinet style in mind, we can work with you to produce a dream bathroom layout. Our bathroom design services can provide you with itemized list, and price quote based on the information you provide us with.



After downloading the kitchen measurment guide, you can now submit all of your information to receive a design from one of our certified designers. We will send you 3-D renderings of your project before you make any final decisions. Our experts will do there best to meet your vision and your budget.

Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams

A kitchen is often the centerpiece of any home. It’s a place not just for preparing meals and storing food but a gathering place for family and friends. A home’s kitchen is a place where lasting memories are created through the bonding of preparing and sharing meals. Your kitchen should be exactly how you envision it and should not only be visually appealing but be efficient and functional as well. When creating the kitchen of your dreams, you should put a lot of planning and thought into the design and layout of your kitchen space. While you can refurbish old kitchen cabinets, countertops, and sinks to save money, there are better options available such as entry level kitchen cabinets, semi-custom kitchen cabinets, and custom kitchen cabinets that can give your kitchen all the appeal and functionality you desire.

What To Consider When Choosing Cabinetry
There are four key factors to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets: size, style, material, and cost. Wood is the most popular material for kitchen cabinets and offers the most variety in style and appearance. However, in today’s modern world of manufacturing, kitchen cabinets are available in some amazing materials such as stainless steel and melamine that not only offer a unique look but durability as well.

Wood Cabinets
The types of wood used for kitchen cabinets is wide and broad and can range from inexpensive to high-cost. Wood such as teak is very expensive but offers a long-lasting durability especially against the humidity and heat and gives a modern, warm look and feel to kitchens. Other types of wood used for kitchen cabinets include oak, maple, cherry wood, maple, hickory, and many others. Each type wood has it’s own unique look and feel and some work better than others with stain, varnish or paint. One key factor to keep in mind about wood kitchen cabinets is that they must be varnished to protect them from heat, moisture, and humidity.

Melamine Kitchen Cabinets
Melamine cabinets are created by using compressed wood covered by a resin and paper finish. Melamine kitchen cabinets are resistance to heat and moisture, easy to clean, available in a large variety of colors, and are a good low-cost alternative to all wood kitchen cabinets. However, Melamine cabinets can be prone to chipping and are not as stylish and elegant as solid wood cabinets. In addition, Melamine kitchen cabinets can be more difficult to install due to their construction so installation should be left to a professional.

The Importance of Size
Size encompasses not only the dimensions of your cabinets but of your kitchen and necessary storage and workspace as well. Base or floor cabinets are generally 24 inches deep and are usually used for storing items such as pots, pans, and small kitchen appliances. If you are an avid home chef and have a lot of small appliances, and large pots and pans, then you may want to opt for larger base cabinets of 36 inches in depth if your kitchen can accommodate the space. Floor cabinets can be custom designed to fit any kitchen from 12 to 36 inches. If you don’t do a lot of cooking or need lot of space for food or appliance storage, then you may want to opt for more drawers and cabinet space above your counters for storing items like dishes, glasses, and other small utensils.

Considering the Cost of Kitchen Cabinets
If you have a high-budget for your kitchen makeover, then you can have solid wood or stainless steel kitchen cabinets custom made to your exact desires and specifications installed for your dream kitchen. However, don’t let your budget stop you from having the kitchen of your dreams. Solid wood entry level kitchen cabinets and semi-custom kitchen cabinets are also available in a large assortment of styles and colors that can turn any dream kitchen into a reality without sending you to the poorhouse.

Tips & Ideas About Style
Style is a big word when it comes to kitchen cabinets. The good news is that no matter your budget or imagination there are literally hundreds of styles of cabinets and accessories to choose from to create your dream kitchen. Whether you’re looking for contemporary, modern, ultra-modern, or and old fashioned country style kitchen, you can find the perfect type of material, color, and style of kitchen cabinets at RTA Cabinet Store that will satisfy your desire. RTA Cabinet Store sells high-quality products and offers a variety of designs to choose from that will give your kitchen a long-lasting appeal for years to come at a fair and affordable price