Kitchen Design Elements

As you prepare to update and renovate your kitchen, there are several design elements that you should understand in order to better create a functional and beautiful kitchen. These design elements are actually the most basic tools that are used in designing various interior spaces, and the design principles are like rules that make these tools effective overall.

Understanding Kitchen Design Elements To Plan Your Remodel

Together, the space, form, line, texture, and color in a room work to create custom spaces and designs for any room in your home, including your kitchen. The relationship between these parts can make it easy to create a beautiful home that matches your personal qstyle and taste.


The area of a room that is provided for a purpose is called the space. Space, in terms of interior design, is a three-dimensional aspect. This includes the three options of length, height, and width. Space size has been known to convey either a negative or a positive feeling for a person. For example, large spaces that are open can give an airy feeling with a relaxed atmosphere. It can also cause a room to feel unwelcoming and less warm. Still, a small room might seem incredibly cozy, but it can also seem cramped with a chaotic atmosphere.


Everything in this world has a form, which is just another name for a physical shape. The form is usually measured from the top to the bottom, side to side, and even back to front. These three is height, width, and depth. In fact, there are two different types of form in this world. The first type is organic form, which means that it is a natural form and typically more asymmetrical. The second type of form is a man-made form that is geometric and symmetrical in style. You can use both types of form in your kitchen renovation as well to create a new and unique style.


A continuous movement around the point of a surface, line is one of the basic elements of interior design. The lines can evoke an emotional response from anyone entering the room, and each line has a different feeling. For example, the vertical lines can speak of a formal atmosphere, creating visual height. Horizontal lines, however, create a restful feeling that widens the room. These are just two examples of the ways that lines can effect the outlook of the room.


Texture comes in two different forms, both tactile and implied. The implied texture is a visual texture that is interpreted by the eye instead of touch. Tactile texture is what is felt by a physical touch. Textures can produce a quality about the room as well. For example, a course texture might represent a sturdy quality or a rugged look. Smooth textures provide a look of formality and elegance in the room. You can use many different texture types to create a certain personality in any room of your home, including your kitchen design. Texture is also useful for giving a variety to the room.


The mood and space are set by the color. Color can be seen in both a colored light source or an object’s surface. While many people use the term hue for the technical name, this shows the color that is reflected. The color in the room is used to set a certain mood or even draw attention to something in the room, like with an accent wall. Even in your kitchen design, color can be a valuable aspect of the room. Gray hues, blacks, and white shades are as effective as producing a good mood and design as something with more color like blues, greens, or reds.

Kitchen Remodeling Conclusion

When you prepare to start your kitchen remodel or renovation, looking at various interior designs can be confusing. However, if you know the various terms and elements that interior designers use as they create a new room, you can easily create a new kitchen design that stands out and is as unique as you are. The design elements that you see on a normal basis as you go through this renovation process are easy to understand, and they can help you get a better kitchen design than you might have ever imagined. Just by taking a few things into consideration, you could help open up your kitchen space, make it seem cozier, and even make it seem a little bigger while you are at it. Your kitchen can easily become one of your favorite rooms in your home, and you might be inspired to finish the rest of your home.

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