Kitchen Design Principles

When you want to get the most out of your home’s kitchen, you may have to be prepared to make some changes. Some structural, layout and décor changes can go a long way in creating the perfect kitchen area ideal for entertaining guests or unwinding after a long day. Here are some considerations you may find helpful in exploring the new layout of your kitchen.

Eliminate soffits for a higher ceiling. If you would like for your ceilings to appear higher, then you can always have the soffits just above your cabinetry removed. If they conceal something that’s integral to the HVAC or plumbing systems in the home, then you may want to consider another improvement for your home’s kitchen.

Remove a wall. If the goal is to open up the kitchen space, then removing the wall is a great way to accomplish just that. If the wall functions as a load-bearing mechanism, then you may have to rethink that option. Two rooms usually benefit from the removal of one wall. Open floor plans are commonly recommended by contractors to those who want to entertain and socialize as they prepare meals.

Color is often overlooked in designing a kitchen space. The hue of a kitchen can create the mood in a space. Neutral tones deliver a calming experience while brighter colors evoke a sense excitement. Research the various colors online to determine what you want to accomplish with certain color schemes. Color can cover and conceal the appearance of outlets or imperfections in the wall that might otherwise be easily noticed with lighter colors.

Installing an island provides you with more space to entertain guests. You can add islands and peninsulas to your dining space and have an instant bar setting. Add a television, and you can get the evening news or have kids watch television as meals are prepared. Your island can work as an entertainment area or a food prep zone.

Aim for visual balance in the kitchen. You can use bright colors and powerful textures to create a heavy weight in the room. You can use cooler shades and simple textures to create less visual weight. Consider experimenting with different textures and color combinations to see how it impacts the visual balance of the kitchen space. You can make use of reflective objects to reduce the visual weight.

Adding natural light is another way to open up the kitchen. Incorporating natural light gives the room warmth and depth. It also makes the kitchen appear larger than it actually is. You can widen an existing window to accomplish this or eliminate a wall to pull in light sources from windows in an adjacent room.

If you are considering a major remodeling effort, then you should contact multiple contractors. You can get quotes from multiple contractors and see how it would fit into your budget. When working with a contractor, you need to know who will be working on the site. How many contract remodeling projects in progress is something you should also know because you want to know how your timeline will be impacted. The typical kitchen remodel can take anywhere from one to three weeks to complete.

If you want to take your kitchen in a completely different direction, then consider some of these effective remodeling and redecorating efforts to get the ball rolling. Working with a designer or contractor can streamline the process and help you get the most out of your kitchen space.


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